Wedding Critique of the Week 10/26/09

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  1. This week's image was taken by Corri Lenaghen.

    This is Part 2 of Wedding Photo of the Week. You can see all submissions in the thread with that title.
    In your critiques - include what you would do to improve the shot or why the shot is perfect as it is. Remember that this is not a contest. Sometimes an image will be a winning image and sometimes an image that needs some help. Try not to just say "great shot" but explain why it works. Or - "Doesn't do it for me" without explaining why.

    The photographer up for critique for this week should remember that the comments expressed each week are simply "opinions" and the effort and focus of these threads are to learn and to take images to another level. There will be times where the critique is simply members pointing out why the shot works which is also a way for others to learn about what aspects contribute to a good wedding photo. In reading all critiques -- you may agree or disagree with some points of view - but remember that there are varying approaches and often no right or wrong answer.
  2. I love this photo! I don't really have much critique, except that I think I would have liked to see a version of the same photo, but on an actual street/road. Even if it were a dirt road. I really love the use of a lot of blue sky!
  3. Love the concept and the colors - I would like a lot less sky though...
  4. I am very excited to have had my photo chosen. The plate was changed strictly by the owners request. He asked me to blur it out, but went a way that I thought was more fun. There definitly is alot of sky! It does make it nice for use as business cards though haha. Also, it had rained literally for days before the wedding, so the mere fact we had blue skies was something to remember. I have the original raw unedited file if anyone wants me to post it.
  5. I don't mind the blue sky in part because if I had taken this image I would have taken a whole series: vertical, landscape, tight, and so on. For this one image, the vertical works for me. There is some serious vignetting going on. I don't know if the was added in PS? It doesn't look like a GND. The top two corners especially and then down the right side. Seems strange to me in a vertical orientation... that would mean either the left or right side on a landscape orientation. Could probably be a side effect of a UV filter.... those always throw me off. Otherwise exposure and framing look good to me. I would have been happy to capture it.
  6. So what do you do with a couple, in bright sun to get good light on faces without the squinty eyes?.............have them kiss and close their eyes :)
    Nicely done, love the expanse of blue sky, the exposure, and the ground-side view perspective. Perhaps the front bumper and front of car could be sharper/more focus or maybe more DOF. Really like the date on the licsense plate, cute idea!
  7. Here is the information on the photo. David, funny what you said about closing the eyes and kissing. The first shot was taken dead on, so I yelled from the ground "kiss her!" and it was much better.
    1/320 shutter
    Manual Mode
    F-stop 10.0
    aperature 2.8
    iso 100
    focal length 24.0
    Camera Rebel XTI with EF 24-70 2.8 lens
    no flash fired
  8. Great image Corri!
    I see what you where trying to do in post but I don't think you get there 100%. Most of the image says bright happy day so when you make it moody it kind of sends two messages. The rich saturated look also is in conflict with the subject matter, which is half car and that cars says "vintage". Of course it might be inline with the rest of the wedding, I wouldn't know but as a standalone I can see a brighter, happier look and maybe more "vintage".
    Not much you can do about the clouds and I can see why you shot it that way but I would prefer a little less horisontal image so I compressed the clouds a bit. I don't think they care:) I also cloned out the red sun thingy on the grooms side and some of the rocks beside the car. Small things like that is possible to catch during shooting but quite easy to miss unless one is actually searching for them. Other than that good job!
  9. Argh, managed to attach a tiff but here is the jpeg version...
  10. Looks great as it is. I can't see anything that needs to be changed. It's a great fun shot!
  11. I like the saturated colors. I tried to punch the colors a bit, sharpen the car, and lightened the large cloud so it would look a little happier and friendlier above the couple. Fun shot!
  12. I like it as a fun shot. Especially great for a young couple. I also thought about when first seeing it, how it might look
    photographing the couple from above. Probably impossible to do at the time, but it would have gotten rid of the sky. Still
    though, it's a great photograph.
  13. Also, great post- processing of the photo, David. Really helps it a lot. I always use Soft Blend in PS to get similar effect.
  14. Everyone loves a happy cloud! Pete, I love the vintage look of your version. Could definitly be an option to offer the couple. Honestly, I did very little post processing to this particular shot. The sky really really was that blue.
  15. I like the balance of two thirds sky, one third land. I also appreciate the lower angle and how the car is emphasized by its "level with the camera" appearance. Makes it a little imposing, which for this shot has a great feel to it.
    Great eye.
  16. Corri, with the light on the subject and the darker sky and rainy clouds I though for sure that you darkened the sky. Obviously it was nature and not you! Sorry about that. Glad you liked the vintage version!
  17. Ooooops, Corri........didn't you want to blur the license plate?
  18. (Yes David! I did). A photographer recently quoted Ansel Adams on her blog. I truly feel that this really didnt have a lot to do with me, but I was just in the right place at the right time.
    "Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." ~ Ansel Adams
  19. An experiment with a tighter crop (leaving off abit of the cloud) and a sepia toned version to give that vintage look.
  20. I love the photo! Great composition and colors. I do though keep getting distracted but the top right vignetting. also, from all the post-processed samples, I like the vintage look a lot more than the original. It just kind of goes well with the vintage car... or maybe it's just personal because I love vintage photos (or anything vintage really). Either way, I think the couple will be very happy with this photo :)
  21. Very nice original image.
  22. The original shot is excellent as is, and I assume the original file does not have the flat lighting that this posted version has. However, in the spirit of just messin' with something already good, here's my version with a couple of minor tweaks and lighting changes. I did make one sort of significant change too :).... Mike
  23. Michael. Am I not seeing it haha. What was your significant change?
    The original file is posted somewhere up there. I think all of these variations are really awesome. Technology is pretty great!
  24. Correctly sized.
  25. Corri.... :)... the rear view mirror... Mike
  26. Awesome Mike. Quite impressive. I have a photo where I need to remove a stack of "office files" from a desk behind the subject. Im calling you!
  27. I like this shot too. I would have done the horizontal, but I see it working both ways. The only thing diff I would have done, as a supplemtal shot, would have added a wide angle or fish-eye lens, so the car kinda POPS at you in a 'fun way'...and maybe move slightly to the right, but again, that would have made it a different shot completly. I do like the punched saturation that was done - I thoguht that right away looking at it. It needed more POP with the colors.
    Thank you for sharing!
  28. A touch more contrast. Done. Love it shot as is. This should be a nice big print for wall display.
    Nice job !!!
  29. Thank you Marc. All of the responses have been awesome. Also very encouraging. New studio opens in 24 hours. Wish me luck, and thank you again!
    Corri Lenaghen
    Captivations Photography Studio, Rome, NY

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