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    This Forum is where we discuss all aspects of Wedding and Event Photography.

    Examples of “Events” are: Baptism, Bat Mitzvah; Birthday, Corporate Function, Prize Giving and Award Function; Balls; Concerts; Plays and Theatre – etc.

    The Forum welcomes the Novice the Experienced the Professional and the Amateur Photographer – and also the non-Photographer who has a question or seeks an opinion on these genres of Photography. “Sports” Events topics, are generally best placed in the “Sports Forum”.

    Additional to (or re-iterating some) Terms and Guidelines mentioned in the "Terms and Conditions of Use" and "Community Guidelines / Forum Posting Guidelines", to which you agreed when you signed up to Photonet, before posting in the Wedding and Event Forum, please note:

    1. If you seek advice, critique or comment on a number of images (more than two or three), please supply a link to a gallery or portfolio and do not post a number of photos ‘in line’ to the thread

    2. Please do not re-edit someone's image usless they request that assistance/advice

    3. Please stay broadly on topic of the Original Post

    4. Please follow any directions from a Moderator

    5. No personal attacks

    6. No discussion of Moderation or Editorial process is allowed within any Forum Threads

    7. If you want to post a question anonymously, please contact me using "Conversation"

    Thank you and enjoy.

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