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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by gavin martin, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Hi All

    Can anyone recommend some suppliers for some luxurious wedding
    albums or alternative albums. UK sources ideally.

    The couple I am looking for are not the type to go for a traditional
    white embossed album & want something different.


  2. Queensbury Albums in Australia -- Also Seldex --
    You might like to look at also (White Glove)
    Also - Jorgensen Albums PTY LTD For some reason most of the innovative, creative albums are coming out of Australia..
    Good Luck
  3. Mary, the address isn't coming up. What are other Australian album sites
    that you know of?
  4. Art Leather is always a good choice for traditional albums. Try or look under Art Leather in GOOGLE if I gave you the wrong URL.
  5. makes nice albums without the cheesy gilded edges that I've seen on a number of Art Leather albums (although Art Leather may make non-cheesy albums...I haven't seen ALL of their extensive line).
    Artz is located in the USA, however.
  6. Oops .. Sorry it is - OR, you can find Seldex Albums on the Art Leather site. If you are looking for "alternative" albums - it is the only album that fits your needs in the Art Leather line. They have an Onyx (Black) album but it has plastic mylar edges.. Ugh.<p> Leather Craftsman makes an Art Album that is nice... Queensbury is I used to use ArtZ but find them to be flimsy and not anywhere near as nice as the Australian Companies.
  7. I really like the storybook wedding albums produced by companies like Graphistudio. They are probably the most expensive company that does this sort of thing, but I know they are in Italy. There are probably other companies that do the same thing if you search around. I think pretty soon regular wedding albums are going to be completely replaced by this sort of real book, but that's just my humble opinion.

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