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  1. looking for a paid or free theme for around 50 photos for displaying just photos, something easy for the viewer to find there way around. Show me your link or name of the theme you use, thanks in advance
  2. You might want to check out I've hosted a couple of albums there and I've found it flexible and very easy to use both for photographers and for viewers. Until now, I've used it where I've voluntarily taken photos at an event that participants might want to see and/or download. It's easy to send them a link to one album.

    I've used the easiest theme for viewers (quickly browse, click to view large and download) so that they don't need to scroll down through many large photos that they're probably not too interested in. But there are alternative themes and formats that you can choose from. I needed a quick and easy solution and Myalbum has been perfect for this.

    Creating albums and uploading photos that people can view is completely free. If you want to upload higher resolution photos and/or want to enable people to download photos then you need a 'premium' account. This is 5 euros (about $5 per month) - which I still have. The nice thing is that you switch your account monthly. So you can have a 'premium'' account for a month or two to share photos of an event and enable people to download them and then switch back to the free account (viewing only).

    I currently have 4 albums. This is just one example. IMHO, it's worth creating a free account just to experiment what you can with it and whether it matches your requirements.

    Hope this helps,


    PS. I'm sure the same applies to albums on Flickr, 500px etc. I just found Myalbum to be so intuitive. It also had a Dutch language option.
  3. I use Flickr which is very easy to use for viewer and owner . Link

    I also have a travel blog/photo site Link
  4. I use free WordPress

    Here is one sample out of 80+ WordPress sites I have. They all use the same free WordPress zine theme. (I don't remember the name of the theme.)

    I had 70,000 - 110,000 files at the Internet Archive. Last week they deleted all my content. 5-1/2 years of work lost. Some of it I don't have copies of. I started to use them as cloud storage. I don't have an exact # of files. I never kept track of it. I had 1,666 collections. Same thing with Tumblr. I had 48 Tumblrs that got deleted in 2019, everything lost.

    When I went to my pages archived on the Wayback Machine I found they only archived a few pages at the beginning and the rest were gone.
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  5. waiting other recomendation too

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