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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking to rebuild my site using a web template (it's currently created in Flash, by me, and learning html5 to make it ipad friendly is just too much effort!) and wondered if anyone had a recommendation that would allow me some creative control and the option to use my own domain name. I heard good things about Krop.
  2. If you have your own domain, you can purchase inexpensive web hosting easily.

    I've seen hosting services as low as $12.00 / year.

    Try, for example

    Once you have basic hosting setup, there are many open source tools available.

    Look into Drupal, for example.

    You might also want to try open source tools like gallery2 to add a photo gallery to your site.

    With a hosting service, you will find the tools I mentioned above, in the "fantastico" setup tool in the "cPanel", site configuration system that goes with the sort of hosting service I mentioned.

    There are also public domain, full flash/css templates available as open source, and also commercially, that you can then host on your own site if you like.

    Surely $100.00 for a great flash/css template to put on your own hosting, is a lot less than you paid for your camera!
  3. Thanks Summer, 3ix looks interesting, and certainly cheap. Cheers.
  4. serves a lot of photographers well. But most templates are flash and that can be a problem. They are
    cheap, pretty reliable, not good on customer service.
  5. Oh I just saw that you mentioned that your current site is flash. Ok so you know then that flash can't be seen on Ipad.
    That's the trouble with bludomain. They do have one or two non flash sites. And mobile versions, for extra fee, that allow
    abridged versions of your site to be seen on mobile devices. You can use your own URL and you'll have some creative
    control, not a lot but more with the more expensive templates.
  6. Wordpress. You can find a lot of templates that are easy to learn, and have a nice website that has galleries, slideshows, and the all important ipad layout that works great.
  7. Wordpress is by far the best and easiest way to go about this. There are so many photo hosing templates and with your html knowledge it'll be easy to make small chances.
    Drupal is nice as it is very open ended, however, you will have to do much more of your own coding
  8. Thanks very much!
  9. Thank you. That's is good to know about. I will check them out.

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