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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by ray_wise, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi - I'm hoping for a bit of advice or critique on my new website: .. I uploaded it a few weeks ago and I am fairly happy with the way it looks . However, I am still unsure whether or not to keep the comment section under the photos or remove it.. Anyway - please let me know what you think
  2. On my laptop, the comments section is too low and has to be scrolled to see, I don't know that I like it or dislike it. One thing that did strike me is the first picture I got when I went there is the shot from a bridge looking at a sunset. I clicked 'collections' and got one picture of the castle but didn't see an obvious way of seeing more. Once I clicked 'photostream' the others come up. I then clicked home and went back to the castle, not the bridge. The interface seems a little too complicated to me. Great pics though.
  3. Ray, I don't mean to be pedantic - I genuinely mean this to be constructive - but it needs a bl***dy good edit and proof-read. You have spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and meaningless sentences. They weaken the language and make it look like you're unsure of your message. Also some of the text 'tries too hard' to be dramatic or original and that is weakening as well.
    I like the photos and it could be a nice website. I don't want to appear critical for the sake of it, but the words do need a bit of work.
    Good luck with it!
  4. @Steve: Cheers for that - god it was all over the place, obviously rushed it. Spelling is sorted now and a few punctuation changes also.. thanks
  5. I don't think the comment section really adds anything to the website. I would take it out.
  6. @Rajesh - that's what i'm thinking.. thanks
  7. Ray great site. Very engaging and it's focused -- I don't need to guess.
    The page navigation is unobstructed, but it's imperfect. Specifically, when I go to your site I see "GALLERY COLLECTION ABOUT", but after I've gone to any page the GALLERY option is gone even when I go back to the home page.
    My only other suggestion is that you put your contact information on a page. And I'd make it more prominent in a CONTACT page or at least clearly within the ABOUT page. Right now you have your phone number and email address in an image. You can use a little bit of javascript for both of those values to keep it from the bots. You want it easy for people to contact you.

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