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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by lathamphotography, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I want to get a website up and going but I would like some input on the best one to use. Pro's and con's. Why you like it, etc...
    I use facebook right now to get my impage uploaded to they can be seen easily by some clients. They add my photog page and then they can see everything. Not everyone has facebook tho and I don't really like the whole facebook revolution that has consumed our country. It was available, free, and quick.
  2. Assuming you are going to design it yourself, you have 2 choices to make, webpage editor and hosting service:
    Get Microsoft Web Expessions to create the webpage.
    To host your webpage, there are many choices. I use GoDaddy, it is very cheap. It can be difficult to use and they sometimes try to trick you into buying more than you want.
    And get yourself a cool domain name.
    Budget 50+ hours to learn the software and learn how to use the hosting service.
  3. Try hosting with I use them and there great!! They even offer printing services as well.
    Here's a link to my site see if it would fit your needs.
  4. Clickpic offer a very affordable and flexible set of templates with the photographer in mind-I use it for my photo your website Tripod Travels and it's easy to maintain and simple to to post new content too.
    That said, if you can stretch to it pay a dedicated pro to design one for you.
    Let us see your new site when you launch it though.
    Alex Hare
  5. If you have your own hosting and don't mind a bit of learning, I like JOOMLA very much. I used it to create my site and have been very happy with it. It can integrate a blog, galleries, articles and lots more using plugins.

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