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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by andrealonas, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I went through the painful process of shelling out a lot of money a year ago to redesign my site with a local designer. Though I got rave reviews from current clients, mentors, friends and family, I still feel like it falls short of where it needs to be. In addition, it wasn't until after the fact that I discovered only certain browsers can access it, even though I gave her access to my Google Analytics to best determine the browsers people were using to view my site in the past.
    In addition, I now have to pay her $60/hour any time I want to change a word or two or upgrade the version on the blog. The only thing I can manage myself is the galleries - adding, deleting, etc. and the blog updates I'm contemplating upgrading to a flash site or a better html site through PhotoBiz or LiveBooks or ClickBooq but want to be certain of the issues before I shell out more $. Right now, the site is not helping me generate any new business - I'm only working off of referrals.
    I'd like to get some honest, fair feedback on the quality of the site as well as the images I have up. *I haven't updated images in a year, so I have plenty new work I could include.
    The site is and blog is
    Thanks so much for your time,
  2. From my experience, you can have the best images but if your website is not interactive and cohesive, people get turned off fairly quickly.
    Overall, it's a good layout. However, I found some issues you may want to run by your web designer:
    1. The site does not load completely in-frame for me - I'm using Firefox. I have to scroll down to get to the menu which is a turn off. Instead, you could try putting the menu bar on top. I'm surprised she didn't do that.

    2. There's a large empty space to the right of your name in the header that's a perfect place to put your contact info, even if just an email or number. That is what people want to get at and if it's on every page, they're more likely to actually, well, contact you.
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out Christopher. Very helpful to know what you see...I agreed to menu on the bottom because I was told that the site would modify to fit on one screen depending on the browser detected. Ugh.
    Additional feedback or no, I think a new site is on the horizon. Cuz I'm made of money.
  4. You're very welcome Andrea. Apparently it does not resize to fit browsers. I designed my own site in flash and although my knowledge is limited, even I know there is a proper way to do that. I honestly think you should look at a different designer - especially at $60 an hour.

    The image gallery is very nice though, I would keep that. A thumbnail list is important so that the viewer can browse through fairly quickly.
    Overall, it's not BAD, it's actually quite nice compared to most. It just needs some tidying up.
  5. Hi Andrea. Im currently on a pc using an old version of IE - IE6 to be exact and your site is not loadign any additional options. I get the image of the boy and dog, white banner at the top with the logo and a white bar at the bottom with no info.
    Personally i am in the same position and have just launched my own website. I used a company called viewbook which for $99 you get a years subscription and full IT support and i would highly recommend it.
    my site is and if you so wish you can link your own domain name to remove the viewbook extension but i chose not to for cost savings.
    Hope this helps

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