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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by fotoandy, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Work continues apace on my website,
    Based on hacking up my own site the last few years and recently refined on during this upgrade by some mostly helpful comments in my 1st feedback request on
    I basically learned not to bother posting foto news/links, keep sharpening content display amounts, and (for the last point) kill the sidebar on the homepage. Oh, and to reply less and more precisely to comments, had a little TOO much free time there...
    So time to check in after some more work, thanks for your efforts in advance.
    Just please note it's still somewhat in progress, I fit this around other work. There's some Foto Sets photos to reload (any old ones have a more 'modest' copyright and size),tags to add a-plenty, and other minor bits, fel free to comment if you think you see one.
    Then I can hopefully get on with full-power photo posting soon, long overdue...
    Feedback regarding first impressions, navigation, and overall presentation is especially valued.
    Photo content notes are welcome, but not really the feedback I'm fishing for, unless it greatly affects the above points of course.
    Thanks again! :)
    Tech Stuff: A Worpress install and NextGen Gallery, with a modified full-power theme (auto-add thumbs to posts, other handy code etc) and a handful of plugins and php tweaks. D.I.Y... 8|
  2. So here are my quick impressions on the site. I think that it is too busy. There are too many images and that makes it hard to look. I would go for less, much cleaner. I do not like the color. Such a strong color will detract from your images lending to color proximity effect. The site looks very boxy, more like it was from the HTML tables days. There are many skins that you can apply to give it a move polished, designed, modern look. The Slideshow photos are too small. I do not like the font. Maybe fine something a little more elegant and modern. I hope that helps. I have been working on my website ( for the last month, and I just finished my third revision of my blog ( You can check them out for some ideas. My blog is now a WordPress based blogsite. The website is a flash based one.
  3. Agree with Gary. Waaaaay too many images, too cluttered, funky navigation.
    Gary: Great wedding shots, excellent consistency of style. Bit detail-heavy, though. I want to see more faces, and some full-length shots of B&G as well.
  4. First impression....looks too busy, stuff everywhere, too many buttons, colors, text. I started to feel extreme anxiety and needed to shut down the site. Use this advice "Less is More" Good luck
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback thus far, especially Gary for the extra concise impressions.
    I'm right now trying out a non-yellow background, basically a white-to-black gradient. It was already being considered, but I thought to leave it for this round of feedback before ditching it, was curious to see what opinions would be. Obviously if you look while I'm working, much CSS will be for the yellow background.
    Have already been moving to "less is more" thru this site refit, but frankly I'm finding many photo'g sites going too far down this road. I shoot a lot, and right now want to share a lot. If we're talking the visual aspect of the site over content itself, thought I'd try something a little different/stronger, why not?
    I could break down each point further, but will try to keep it brief to not pollute the feedback process with my rambling. A full article is promised, or at least quick recap in round 3.
    Anything beyond 1st impressions? Is it just the hompage that makes you feel this, or is it the entire site? Just a Foto Set (gallery)? Thanks to further my understanding of your thoughts.
    Appreciated!!! :)
  6. Alrighty... Now in B&W with smaller images on the homepage icons at bottom. (home link)
  7. your website will work. its just need to be more simple. some of the things your don't need, some are unclear.
    -take out all your "foto" its everywhere, it sounds like you are pushing it, and trying to hard
    -change "set" to "works"
    -change "contact andy" to "contact"
    -take of "Foto hire" and move all that to "contact"
    -take out film strip, and, put "Foto Andy", i would suggest you have someone design a logo for you, you can use your tag line. but it is not working, a tag line is suppose to give you a concise introduction to what you are about. what you do, and most importantly, what makes you different.
    -your search bar, just put "search"
    -the navigation to the right of the sliding headlines with images, has to go, you already have it up top on the main nav.
    -take out "Home" from your main nav, and have your banner up top where your logo is link to home.
    -also your headlines on the images has to be redesigned, the typography is not working.
    -move "All fotos are free for personal use... only. You must contact me for commercial use" down to the very button footer with the copyright info etc.
    i would like to help, email me if you decide to take my suggestions, as their will be another round of mockups to go thru.
  8. @ Kah Hoe Wan:
    Sincerest thanks for the concise and clear feedback, truly appreciated.
    I agree with some of it, not so much agree on others. The only thing I could think of as non-negotiable (at this point in time) is the spelling of 'foto' v 'photo'. It's part of the branding of the site, for now I'm hard-headedly keeping it. Also would be a little contradictory to spell it one way on the url/banner, but different elsewhere.
    Having said that, your feedback on that point and others has made me at least re-evaluate most everything you mention, sometimes this is the very essence of what can be positively gained from feedback. Thanks again for that.
    Will drop you a mail over the next couple of days, bit crazy with work at this very moment.

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