Website designer will give you great website in exchange for some great photo's.

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by vinny_lee, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. I am from a community self-defense and fitness group. It is not for profit so we cannot afford to pay for a photographer.But I want GREAT photo's to enphasise how great the project is, being not for profit doesn't mean it has to look low grade and dull.
    I make websites. I am more of a designer than a webpage nerd, which is perfect for photogrpahers as you don't need a complicated website but you need it to look slick.. right?... I can do that. I can offer you some webspace too (but if you have your own that is ok too), so all you have to provide is a domain name and a photoshoot.
    Get in touch if your interested.
    Vincent Lee
    ps. domain names can be as little as 5 pounds if you look in the right places. I can show you.
  2. You mentioned "pounds," which helps narrow this down to the UK, perhaps... but don' t you think you should mention where you're located? At least by continent?
  3. Some examples of what you have done would be nice. provide some url's please.

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