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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by martindomok, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow photographers,

    I have put together a website, as a portfolio, mostly, to show my future wedding clients or anyone who needs a photographer in my area.
    Please, have a look a critique, web site and pictures as well.



  2. Hello Martin,
    Pleasant looking website and awesome photos. Just some small remarks from an amateur designer and photographer I may call myself.
    The grey nuance in the website's background blunts the contrast; in my opinion, the classical black would be far more elegant and classy, and you need that note as a wedding photographer. Also, try replacing the orange outline with some transparent tabs and no line, as it would look slightly more "modern". The social sharing buttons (Google + and Twitter) fly from left to right as you enter a tab and I don't think this is an intentional effect.
    As for the contact form, it would be more useful for your time management if you ask more specific questions. I suggest you include at least a dropdown list called "Topic" - with options such as Quote request, venue reservation, website inquiries, other. This way a primary conversation with the person has already taken place when they submit the form. A friend of mine, owner of a photo studio, has put such detailed forms on her webpage (done with 123ContactForm) and is speeding up her sales this way.
    One more question: why don't you give some more details to the photos, e.g. location taken, beside the numbers?
    To sum things up, promising project. Good luck!
  3. Working on changing my site up as well. Actually looking to redo the whole thing! So I am looking around to see what others are doing. I agree with Ioana I think it would look more "elegant" if you changed the color of your tabs.

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