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  1. I have seen a few togs put their websites up for CC and I would be grateful for that as well. If anyone is willing to view and provide critique on format, images, editing, ease of use, or any other aspect, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Ken Mace Photography | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

  2. Overall, I think it is very professional looking, and you have some great images, with relaxed looking brides and grooms, which gives an air of you know what you are doing. The layout is quite simple and relatively easy to navigate, which I like. I assume you are aiming at mid to high end earners, looking at your pricing, but I was quite surprised when I got to that page and saw $5600 as the opening price. Then I scrolled down and saw the other options, phew!

    I liked some of the images you had in your blog, of the partying after the main event. You might think about putting a few of these on the main wedding page as well as some of the drier more romantic images, it shows your versatility ( and that you donโ€™t clear off as soon as the action is over). I looked at it on an iPad.
  3. Looks great...good work!
  4. Just some minor nits... Avoid making your visitors have to drill down if you can include everything at the top level.
    • Remove the "More Info" -- instead,
      • Combine About Me and Contact
      • Add Album Pricing to FAQ.
    • Suggestion:
      • Add a CLIENTS link to a password-secured client-specific landing page for clients to view thumbnails and select packages/images for printing. If yoiu're not set up for this, it may be worth considering.
  5. High-quality interesting photos. You have the talent of a photographer.
  6. I'm looking for any ideas on this issue.

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