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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by garethiwanjones, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have just rebuilt my website which employs full screen auto resizing images. I'm interested to know peoples experiences with the pictures on my site, especially people with non-widescreen monitors.
    Any other feed back you care to add will be welcomed
  2. Love the pictures and they come out great on my laptop. Only problem I had was when I open the portfolio tab, the other 'section' tabs move down and off of my screen. I was unable to scroll down to get to them and had to go back to the home page first. When I switch to full screen mode, it is fine.
    Only other thing I can say is that the portraits have text that tell who is in the photo, but you don't do that for commercial or places, seems to break the consistancy.
  3. Looks refreshingly nice even on a IBM Thinkpad's X40 12" screen at 1024x768 pixel.
  4. Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I am addressing the navigation bar going off the page, it seems to be one of the perils of fullscreen resizing with fixed navigation. Could you tell me your screen resolution in pixels?
    I think i am going to remove the caption data from the portraits section to give it a little more consistancy.
  5. Markus,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Do you loose the bottom of the navigation once you open the portfolio section?
  6. Markus,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Do you loose the bottom of the navigation once you open the portfolio section? i'm trying to get an idea of how far I need to shift the nav bar up.
  7. You don't have left-right scroll when the images are off the right side of the browser window. Requiring the viewer to resize the window or switch to full screen isn't good practice when it's a simple addition to the window options. In addition, the left side navigation gets in the way of some images. Otherwise, cool stuff, thanks.
  8. I like the scrolling idea Scott
  9. 1280x800 is my resolution setting, and it doesn't seem to do it anymore.
  11. I think it looks great. It loads quickly and flows very well.
    I'm using Firefox 3.6.6 on an old iMac with powerpc G5 processor.
    And I'm a big fan of Mistress Dita!
  12. absolutely stunning. I had none of the aforementioned issues. Just had a great time browsing and enjoying your work.
    Did you build everything from scratch? I hope this isn't presumptuous, but if there were any resources that helped you create this (particularly the fullscreen background display style) I'd highly appreciate your sharing a little!

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