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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by yusav_gherigson, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. If anyone gets a chance, please check out my site and let me know what you think.
  2. Ha, I guess I should include the url....
    Sorry !
  3. I like it. It loads fast and isn't hard to navigate.
    One comment: you have the same problem my site does. How to get back to the home page (ex. from the portfolio) isn't clear. We both use a the title at the top of the page as a link, but it's not obvious it's a control and not simply decoration.
  4. The layout is open and inviting. I like the way the photos fill the whole area when you click on one (you can even see them behind the words!). I like your photos, too, especially the flowers. :)
    Your site loaded when I used my Internet Explorer browser, but the navigation buttons didn't work. When I switched to Firefox it worked fine. Don't know if that's a problem with my computer, or if it's a browser incompatiblity issue.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

    @Geoff Sobering
    Yeah, I had contemplated putting a "home" link, but I think it looks strange on there.. hmmmm...
    @Linda Schaffer
    I think it is Internet Explorer 8's compatibility mode that breaks the site, I'll have to deal with that.
  6. A simple website that does exactly what it says on the tin. nice.
  7. I like the design but you need to give some more details about the services offered. And if your goal is to generate business, that's going to be tough, because there's no way to figure out what part of the world you are in. Also, the first picture shown when I click on a portfolio, seems to be randomly chosen from any of the portfolios. This needs to be fixed. And you definitely need more than two pictures in the portfolios with the butterfly and the rocks.
  8. @Rajesh Thanks for the feedback. I'm just getting going and got that design up and running. I definitely plan on adding more pictures. Mostly what I will be trying to sell are desktop backgrounds & landscape prints through SmugMug eventually.
    I'll fix the issue with showing a random image when a portfolio is selected and at least show an image from that portfolio! I didn't think of that.
  9. Corey,
    I like the design of the site but Im a little confused my the color scheme. Green on black makes me think of old green monitors.
    The "order prints" link is dead.
    Th two pictures of you in the contact page are...well....they are terrible. You include a request for work as a photographer but both pictures of you look like they were taken with a P&S or even a cell phone. Given you are wearing the same thing in both, apparently they were taken at dinner.
    Im not sure asking for donations and a job on the same page presents a professional image and the equipment wishlist seems tacky.
    The blog part is not really a blog but a collection of pictures. I think you should either make it a blog or remove it.
    Good Luck

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