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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by holly_coleman, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. That website is amazing. Easy to navigate. Also your vendor display shown in the blog for wedding shows is awesome. As if those were not take very good wedding shots as well. A+ all around.
  2. homepage- take out facebook and twitter and the words enter. people would know to click the image to enter. Have a random pic each time the page loads.
    interior- put together"contact""about"blog" vendor" under "information"
    -change "more" and add those "more" pics onto a new category called "personal"
    -take out "home" from the main nav instead link your logo to go home
    -"Weddings" category change the submenu names instead of using "gallery I" use the names of the bride and groom (this might be a problem because of privacy?) either way think of something more interesting.
    optional - i would prefer to move the whole main nav up top where your logo is. and move your thumb nails to the button instead of the left
  3. nice job!
    your header shot with the reflection in the rings is marvelous!

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