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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by grego|1, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. hello everyone,
    recently i decided to change my website... so far i had one builded with iWeb application on my mac; for last couple of months i was trying to design something new with this app, however it was always the same or very similar (build around templates) to some others that i've seen on the net.
    about 3/4 weeks ago i came across adobe flash catalyst on some forum; users over there claimed that it was easy to use and very effective... i decided to try it and i downloaded trial version (i'm still trying to convince myself to buy license key)... as people were saying, it is very easy to use - took me less then 3 days to learn all that i needed to build my new website... it would be impossible to do it if i had to learn flash script...:) and in 8 days that i've had it i builded my brand new website...
    all "design" was created using photoshop, then i converted layers into buttons, transitions, gallery and links using adobe flash catalyst...
    here is the link:
    i would like to ask you to check it and tell me about your experience: what you think about design/idea and what's an overall feel of the website... is it professional enough?
    i hope you'll like it, but please be constructive - let me know if you think there's something that you feel could be changed ...
    thanks for your help,
  2. Greg, I like your clean and honest photography. The repeated name in differing fonts feels cluttered compared to the work, however. I would appreciate the design of the page more, if it were more simple and consistent with your work. I wish I didn't have to move my mouse to each thumbnail to view the picture. A slideshow, or click image -> open next image type of set up would be a more pleasant experience.
  3. Greg, i agree with the previous comment that the repeated name is not my favorite style. you may want to resize and re-arrange a little.
    yes, a slideshow option will certainly make visitors' life easier.
    I want to add one more: the home page upload is a bit too long. it took over 10-12 seconds in both Google Chrome and IE browsers. 5 seconds is acceptable by most viewers.
    Good luck.
    if convenient, pls check my site for me. i'm having trouble with viewing in Internet explorer.
    Greg .

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