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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by velcron, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. I have an ongoing photography project where I am re-photographing historical photographs in the Tampa Bay area. I am putting the finishing touches on a website I created to showcase my effort as well as encourage others to submit their re-photographs.

    I'd be interested in any feedback you may have about the entire website/project.

  2. Check your date on the newer Hillsborough river shot...
  3. Thanks, I fixed it!
  4. Bryan - Your website idea is interesting. Some comments though. The images switch too quickly. You don't have time for you eyes to wander the image. I general, the images are too large. You need to scroll down to see the entire image. In general, the elements on your site are larger than they need to be.
  6. Thanks for looking everyone.
    As you suggested, I slowed down the animation. You're right, it make a huge difference in the viewers ability to see the changes.
    I didn't have to scroll down on the handful of computers I viewed the site on. But I suppose you and Robert are right, I need to make sure it is more accessiable on more computers/browers.
    Thanks again
  7. Looks great to me!
  8. Thanks for looking everyone.
  9. Bryan, I think you'd be very interested to see work I've done on wetlands in California, and an interface I'm using that allows you to drag a slider to fade between old and new. It'd be perfect for your project.
    There's info on the technique, done using software FLAniS, on the page. Be sure to see the example called "B&W photos"

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