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  1. I have two questions:
    Here is a website that I have created,

    I am 90 percent content with this. I just got to clean up the images (post processing, and dust) , adjusting the sizing/spacing, and fine tune some other misc things like the me section and whatnot. It links it to my other account too.

    1. Any thoughts/suggestions/advice? I like it to be minimal/clean/simple. I'm only interested in critiques on the website layout, not the image quality/artistic merit, and etc.

    Now, I have a dilemma. I need to upgrade both accounts because I want to use a custom url for the first (michaelsergiobarnes) and I want more space/projects for the second (rolleiportraits). I don't mind upgrading the second account at all but paying for the first account seems like almost a waste to me (since I only want to use the url). I wanted to know if there any other good websites to look into before pulling the trigger. I tried wordpress but it was just too bloggy for me and I feel that my first account integrates well with my second account: easy to navigate (for me atleast).

    2. Any suggestions/advice? I'm mostly considering the upgrade or just learning wordpress.
  2. grh


    You can buy a domain name and point it to whatever you like; you'll need support for it on the receiving end if it's not your own complete site.
    Not really understanding the 2 account thing. All I see is one small set of pages on cargocollective, and the images are hosted from there; what is this other account about?
    If a single account that you can add a domain name to does not support everything you need (space, function, etc) then I suggest you shop around. There are lots of other providers out there.
  3. My only comment on the site is I don't like having to scroll the browser horizontally to look through the images. Could be just me, but I prefer thumbnails or even vertical scrolling which I can do with my mouse wheel. Horizontal scrolling requires effort.
  4. Sorry for being unclear with the 2 account thing. Well I actually redesigned the entire thing and mde it one account.

    I also changed the horizontal scrolling to vertical.

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