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  1. Just a quick "heads up" as the Americans like to say.
    I've just put up a page of Hasselblad colour people candids, taken as part of my "Sydney Unposed" project, at < 4020.net/unposed/blad.shtml>.
    Only eight images so far, but it's still early days :?)
    So for all you 'blad shooters wondering if you can do also Street Photography with the Klackerty Beast - the answer is, yes you can. Who said you can only do this sort of thing with a Rolleiflex or Mamiya 6/7?... :?)
  2. Very interesting, Andrew. Thanks for sharing.
  3. What type of film did you use?
  4. Very nice Andrew, i've never thought of the hasselblad as a street camera, though i've read somewere Lee Friedlander used an SWC a lot. That mirror-KHACHLUNK of my 500CM has allways... well i just don't have the nerve for it, i'm sorta planning on doing it with my Metz potato-masher flash one of thoose days, thinking why just not do it full out.
    It sure is nice to see pictures of Oz in december, brings back some good memories... Scandinavia in winter is ehh... very, very far from Australia.
  5. Film ? Kodak Portra 160VC. v.Smooth tones. A bit slow though, so for the next batch will
    use the slightly faster Kodak Portra 400VC.

    As for the mirror "KER-CHUNK"... A tip, pre-release the camera long before taking the
    shot. But how do you then frame and compose? Ah, that's the trick here (and I'm not
    telling) :?)

    As for Australia in December. Well, our summers start early in October and run through to
    'til about April. It's great if you like to walk around in T-shirts and shorts for six months
    of the year, a pain if you occassionally want to dress sans-yob.
  6. Great job Andrew! I took my 201F out on the streets, but I found it hard to shoot handheld, and I don't do 'candids' very well with a tripod. I will try harder next time :)
  7. Ohh... I take t-shirt and shorts 6 months a year any day of the week mate! Once spent a year in Australia, what can i say... Lovely people, lovely country, lovely colours, fantastic weather (though a bit cold in melbourne in june-july). Damned if i know why i ever went back to europe. I live in a country were you've got to dress up in long-johns, downparka and hiking boots just to get to the subwaystation 3min away. Have you tried the Porta 160NC? -I love it! Suits the mellow northern european winter colours of gray-brown-dark gray realy well;-) I find the portra VC a bit tricky to scan, not so with the NC though.
  8. "But how do you then frame and compose? Ah, that's the trick here (and I'm not telling) :?)"

    Of course, a suspicous mind would think "side shoe mount, action finder" but me, I'm not that suspicous.....

  9. hey wait a doggone minute, i thought the hassy was not hand-holdable and
    film was dead, these damn internet sites.
  10. Very well done Andrew. I suppose that the KERTHUNK only gives you away after the shot is taken - the waste level finder might help keep your profile low until the shot is taken.

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