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  1. Hi all! A few days ago I discovered the Photo.net forums and asked questions about Monitors. Since then I have collected a few interesting links with good reviews.

    As a small contribution to the forum, here is the list:

    ** Reviews of monitor sorted by color accuracy:
    Not a huge list but quite interesting.

    ** User reviews with relatively good information:

    ** A huge post on Anandtech:
    Very detailed LCD buyer guide. Interesting.

    ** A good review site specialized in LCD monitors:

    ** More mainstream web sites but interesting anyway:

    I have found the reviews on CNet / ZDnet of mediocre quality. Their conclusions are often very different from other reputed sites. Why?

    I hope this short list will help others to find the LCD Monitor of their dreams!

    If I have missed major review sites please reply to this post to complete my list.

    Antoine Clappier
  2. Wow! Thanks for those. The first site only rates the products they carry.

    Samsung this summer will be startign to sell the first LED backlight LCD monitors . I think
    the 30" version is initially priced at USD 2000, so hopefully we wil lsee a 19" or 22" version at
    well below $1K. The specs on these look like they'll be able to directly display the Adobe RGB
    (1998) gamut.
  3. The LED backlit monitor is called the XL20, is a 20" monitor and sells for a little under US$2000. It includes the gimmicky huey calibrator. It is rated to fully cover the Adobe RGB color gamut. The NEC 26" LCD2690WUXi-BK-SC covers 92% of Adobe RGB thanks to wide-gamut backlighting and sells for under US$2000 including the SpectraView calibration software and hardware.

    The first LED backlit LCD monitor, the NEC 21" LCD2180WG-LED-BK-SV was introduced a couple of years ago and nowadays sells for less than US$4000 including SpectraView.
  4. Geez! And I thought I hounddogged it. This is the motherload.
    Thanks for posting this, Antoine. You done good, dude.

    Does anyone get the impression the display industry has
    underestimated the general public's demand for display quality
    and the intensity to acquire such? I hope their marketing teams
    are taking note of this.

    You know without a display, you don't have a computer or
    gaming console, but they treat us as if we see it as just some
    shop tool.
  5. This is great. I am in the market for a LCD monitor and was doing the same kind of search. You have made it easier!
  6. Tim: Yes, this is quite strange. LCD Monitors are probably one of the few fields in computer hardware where there is still a very large difference in quality between entry level and high end.

    I don't understand why the monitor industry is communicating so little. It is trully difficult to find good review sites.

    I hope that Marketers at Eizo, Samsung, Nec and Lacie are reading this forum and will react. These brands carry truly superior models but if you are not an expert there is noway to know that!

  7. Review sites are fundamentally clueless about how to evaluate displays. Never mind calibration, DDC, and basic stuff like white luminance.

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