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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by silverrails, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Where is the Best economical place to go to create or have created my own personal Photography Web site to Display and sell or lease my images to Editorial Photography customers?
  2. Shopify is probably your best bet if you want something that's easy to set up and will let you sell your work directly. You have to pay a monthly subscription but it's not too expensive.
    If you just want a portfolio type site where people can contact you about buying, you could go with something like Wix. Or if you're comfortable with setting up your own website, buy a domain and use Wordpress with the WooCommerce extension. Just make sure to keep wordpress updated or you are liable to get your site hacked.
  3. Have you looked at sites such as zenfolio, fotomerchant and other similar sites? You can choose from a number of themes, upload your images and set your prices - they do all the work behind the scenes. Also large amount of hosting space available which is needed for images.
  4. Thanks All, just got a email from Smugmug, your thoughts please on that web site?
  5. I've never heard of Smugmug but it looks pretty decent. The price is definitely right for the basic plans, although it looks like you might have to go with one of the more expensive plans to get an actual web store. But $25/mo for the most expensive plan still isn't bad. It looks like they do some of their own product printing but it's seems to be all based in the UK, keep that in mind if you plan on trying those services.
    If you're just looking for a gallery/portfolio setup with some basic selling functionality and don't need your own domain then along with Kathie's recommendations, another site you could look at is Foundmyself.com.
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    That price seem high.
    You can quickly build your own site with a gallery using WordPress. A managed WordPress account is easily found at most bigger hosts for $5/month or less. A domain costs $15/year. The NextGen Pro Plug-In for WordPress, which includes galleries and e-commerce, is $67/one-time.
  7. If you are going down the Wordpress route the Sell Media plugin is well worth investigating.
  8. I am late for replying but a couple of options...one is PhotoNet for canvas images; the other you might want to check out FotoTime as they offer many selling features and are very reasonably priced. GR
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    SmugMug, SquareSpace, PhotoShelter, Zenfolio are all the most popular and built to do what you are looking to do. In terms of ease of use - SmugMug might top that list, their pricing is likely all pretty similar. If you want to build something custom and spend a lot of time setting it up - Wordpress with PlugIns, but that will take a while if you are not technically savvy.
  10. Hello Silverrails, (what) have you decided?

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