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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by laura_vickery, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Need to find a good web host for my new website want a good one that doesn't limit me too much but its only for small business photography! who do you use and how efficent are they!!! help me out plsssss xxxx
  2. I've used Smug mug, but i actually like Zenfolio better.
    Zenfolio is less expensive, and both have fulfillment options.
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    I switched from private hosting to FatCow recently. I've been happy with the hosting and performance. If you look around the web, you can get coupons. I pay $3.88/month for unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email because of a coupon deal I found. I pay another $1/month for daily backup. It includes Wordpress, MySQL, shopping cart, web development tools, gallery software, and a bunch of other tools. One thing I really like is the ability to edit my html files on the server through the web interface rather than up/down -loading each time. You can also upload/download directly from the web interface rather than using ftp programs.
    I found FatCow through one of those web hosting recommendation sites. There are quite a few, just check a few of them to get multiple opinions. Every host that is big enough will have a lot of opinions, both positive and negative.
  4. I am a huge fan of eBoundhost , a small hosting-company in Chicago. I host my web-sites with them. Their prices are competitive, but it's the customer support where they stand out.
    If you trust my objectivity, here's my affiliate link ; the URL above is direct to their home-page.
  5. Laura,
    I've used Photium for a couple of years now and I'm totally pleased. Easy to set up and customize, built in shopping cart system, and a 30 day free trail. About $12.00 a month for the base option (300 photos).
  6. Laura,
    I use Zenfolio.com for my small photography business and I love it, Zenfolio just released a upgrade to there services (custom homepage, allows links to your blog or facebook page, and a few other things as well) Zenfolio as several fulfillment options as well Mpix.com is one of them. I pay for the advanced option that cost $100 a year. To see what you get through Zenfolio check out my website at www.coloradowildphotography.com
    Colorado Wild Photography
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    About $12.00 a month for the base option (300 photos).​
    That seems insanely expensive given what else is out there.
  8. Laura, if you are planning on making sales through your website, it is worth checking what commission these hosting companies take.
    Cheaper companies with "unlimited" storage tend to take a percentage of sales, which depending on the number of sales you make, can in some instances make them less competitive in the long run.
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    Cheaper companies with "unlimited" storage tend to take a percentage of sales,​
    Can you show some of these please. Most hosting companies host. They take nothing, not one site I have found takes any commission for hosting commerce sites.
  10. Hi Jeff. Well Smugmug and Zenfolio mentioned in this topic for a start. I should have clarified that I meant web services catering for photographers as "hosts" sorry.
    Yes few traditional hosts would take any commission and that would often be the best route if you can make or pay for someone to build the site for you. But then services like Zenfolio provide bells and whistles that are not feasible for many people to develop themselves. Each solution has it's own advantages / disadvantages.
    I've not any direct personal experience, but Rackspace's cloud hosting looks a very interesting product and their support is supposed to be amazing.
  11. There seems to be some confusion over the definition of "hosting" in this thread. Are you looking for a hosting-only company that provides you space and bandwidth to code and run your own website? Or a full service one-stop-shop that has everything pre-built for you except for your pictures?
  12. I use Daily Razor, but have also used HostGator in the past. Both were good and had unlimited storage &
    bandwidth. Daily Razor is a bit cheaper, uses PHP & MySQL or they have windows hosting options. I pay
    4.95 a month.
    Good Luck!
  13. I just set up a site with Yahoo but after reading Jeff's Fat Cow review I am wishing I had gone with them!
    I paid just under $120 for a year with a domain registration. I decided I didnt want to mess with a shopping cart right away so in addition I set up a Zenfolio site to handle prints. Eventually I will move to a shopping cart and do drop shipping through Mpix but for now I will let Zenfolio do the heavy lifting.
  14. I wanted to add one more thing. Yahoo offers to protect/hide you name on the Whois listing for your domain. $1 a month and worth every dime.
  15. "There seems to be some confusion over the definition of "hosting" in this thread."
    Agreed. Start with some basic understanding of what is what here:
    Then peel the onion with more indepth research. Better find out now before diving in.
  16. 29.00 a year storage only. Store your stuff gross and link to your website.

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