Web hosting for nature photography web sites?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by bobatkins, Dec 26, 1999.

  1. Due to the retirement of one of the photo.net servers, I'm in the
    process of looking for a good web hosting service for my personal
    nature photography web pages (not the Q&A forum or nature section of
    photo.net, they're staying right here!). I could just put them up on
    the free space offered by my ISP of course (in fact they are there
    right now), but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good, inexpensive,
    hosting service that offers things like http put, telnet to a shell
    account for administration etc. There are thousands of general web
    hosting companies around, but one specializing in photography
    or nature sites would be interesting. A web search didn't really dig
    out anything.
  2. Bob,

    I've had a very good experience with HostPro. (www.hostpro.com)

    They're one of the top-rated servers around. Packages start at $14.95 / month. They've proved to be very reliable and have 24/365 toll-free customer support, something not usually provided at such a low price. I started elsewhere with one of the $9.95 services but they were flakey. Highly recommended.

    Michael Reichmann

  3. Bob,
    My website is hosted by Easyspace. (www.easyspace.com) The reason I chose for them is low price ($16/month), high bandwidth, 100Mb space and Frontpage extensions. So far I am pleased with them. They are not specialized in photography or nature. They are just a commercial IPP and they4ll host anything except for adult sites.
    Greetings, Hans
  4. Bob--
    I strongly recommend you take a good hard look at Pair Networks (http://www.pair.com) -- They are dirt cheap but the product is tops. How do they do it? You need to know enough to provide most of your own tech support, with the help of their online resources. I've had one of my domains there for a year and I'm getting ready to move the other one soon.

  5. Take a look at http://www.webvisions.com
  6. Bob,
    was going to email you privately with this, but thought others can benifit from it. I use www.ecity.net for my web hosting.

    When I was goign to put my photo site on-line, I researched a LOT of placed. The shear size of the site was going to get daunting. Plus traffic volume is tough to gauge. Everyone wants to limit how large the site can be on their machines. My local ISP wanted $40 per month for a 15mb site. Even when I offered to buy them a hard drive, they were not interested. (I live in a different town than ecity, so have to have differnt ISP).

    Here is what Ecity was able to help me with. First, basic account is $30 per month. This is what i use. I get unlimited storage on-line. I can have it on a Unix or NT machine. 2 email addresses (additionals available). My own domain name. Only real limitation: 500mb per month transfer rate. They have never had a problem with anyone hitting that. I FTP everything in.

    You can get additional, higher packages for having your own machine on their system if you want.

    They don't specialize in anything except providing the best service possible. Jaque and Tim will work very hard to help you out. They will listen to what you need and make honest suggestions as how to reach it. The only time their system has been down was when someone in the city cut the fiber optic cables to the backbone (entire city was dead!)

    Visit www.ecity.net and then call Jaque and tell her I sent you. I would not have 1) put my account there if I did not feel they would best deal with my photographic issues and 2) would not have posted this info if I did not feel they are the best deal around. No, I do not get anything from referals. Ok, maybe I will get a thankyou. Maybe not. :)

    Questions? Feel free to contact me directly.
  7. Just a short update on a previous posting I made to this message. More for those reading this later.

    Ecity just increased its traffic volume to 5GB per month. They also added several new features/options for accounts. They were one of the best deals around, and now are even better.
  8. I use CCLhosting (cclhosting.com) and have been very happy with them. There plans start at $6.95 a month to $24.95 a month depending on your needs. Their up time has been very satisfactory, and their support has been quick in responding to questions/needs. Another plus was they have PHP 4.0.6 installed so you can run php scripts. There are some excellent free PHP gallery scripts that are easy to install and make keeping a gallery update very simple. You create your gallery through an admin menu and upload your pictures through a browser. The script automatically generates the thumbnails. CCL Hosting support helped me with the script when I had some questions with the installation.

    I've had several hosting companies in the past hosting my site (some a lot higher than the $14.95 plan I currently have) and have been most satisfied with CCL Hosting.

    Good Luck!

    Eric S Chernenkoff
  9. For someone looking to set up a website to advertise the products and services one has to offer and drum up business, what do you all think of www.photography.com's ImagePro pages?

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