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  1. I built my present web site in 2002 using Front Page 2002 software. I maintain it myself. It is time for me to upgrade my site. My plan is to do it seamlessly: First do a brand new site on my PC, then contact my web service provider, and somehow coordinate the uploading of my new site and deleting the old site. I have noted that Microsoft discontinued Front page around 2006, so the software is an orphan. Looking for advice: should I use Frontpage 2002 for the rebuild? Or is there another "USER FRIENDLY" program out there? Please keep in mind, I'm 74 years old, and maintain, and update, the site myself, so ease of use is imortant. Also, I am not a Pro, but do supplement my income with my photography and web site.
    Thanks in advance....
    Dave Gurtcheff
  2. Microsoft Web Expressions replaced Microsoft Frontpage, it is similar. I made the transition to Expressions version 2 fairly easily. So did another person I know who is older than you.
    I am not a big fan of Microsoft, but staying with something familiar was more important to me.
    I have heard a lot of negative reviews of Expressions 4. But, then again, there are always negative reviews of MS products.
  3. Thank you Matthew, I will check this out. It is true: Front Page may not have been the best, but I have been living with it for 9 years, so maybe not making a drastic change may be wise. Thanks again
  4. Having done my own from scratch in the past and getting old enough, myself, to have developed the philosophy of "Bugger that for a joke" I found the other option:
    They are free, they are fully compliant, and they save time and there are a couple hundred to choose from.
    As far as uploading the new over the old you want to get a ftp program such as Interarchy or similar so you can up load and maintain your site yourself.
    The main thing is, at our age, to have fun.
  5. Whatever you do you can do a lot with html 5 and css, which is where I'd focus the interest in the application you choose and use. Otherwise, you're investing in a old technology application. I'm in my early 60's and still code by hand (since 1994), including css, javascript, Google maps, etc. with self-made templates. This approach affords me a lot of ease and familarity to update, expand or improve the Website without learning any new wysiwg application and still minimize the Web pages.
    I agree about the ftp application as many Website hosts don't allow direct ftp connections anymore and require third party tools or applications. You should ask your Website host which works with their servers.
  6. When I was getting ready to set up my own site a couple of years ago I got Adobe Dreamweaver and it was pretty easy to learn. Once I got the FTP configured correctly it was straight forward to do the updates.
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    I too built and maintain my own site. I felt the need to redo the web site this winter because the old site used a flash slideshow. I knew this was not displaying on iPads so I found an alternative. I use a List. Each item in the list is an image, formatted either vertically or horizontally. The next image loads before it is displayed so there is not any blinking.
    I use CoreFTPLite. It is free and easy to use. You will need to know the user name and password to your web site.
    Lastly, I used a text editor to build my site. I knew nothing of HTML when I started. It took about a week. I documented the process on my blog (you will need to go to the older stuff and read from the bottom). You might want to take a look before you purchase anything.
    Besides my text editor, the only program I use today is Lightroom to build my galleries.
    Good luck,

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