Weather Photographer of the Year photos

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  1. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Like David says, thanks for sharing.

    Great photos all, although I think that the green in "Baikal Treasure" is overly saturated (green sky, green mountains?).
  3. Glen, don't you think "over saturation" is pretty common these days, being so easy to do with digital. I see it a lot on this site!
  4. This link to The Guardian's feature has fewer interruptions to the actual pictures.

    Personally, I think the blizzard picture is a weaker image than quite a few of the others. Just my two penn'orth.
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  5. Thanks for the link. I’m a gannet, I like ‘em all.
  6. Yes, I think over saturation is all too common. I am probably guilty of it myself, especially with colorful sunrises and sunsets. However, when have you ever seen a green sky, other than during northern lights, like that in "Baikal Treasure"?

    My personal favorites were "Dam Wet" and "Just Walking in the Rain".
  7. Thanks! I thought they were beautiful, dramatic etc. etc.
  8. A green sky?
    Sorry, but the sky in 'Baikal Treasure' looks a fairly normal blue to me, on my screen.
  9. Thanks for the feedback Rodeo. You prompted me to run my X-rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter on my Dell U2413 monitor, which I had not done since I last had a printing session several months ago. Now that the monitor has been recalibrated, the colors have shifted a bit. The sky in "Baikal Treasure" now looks more turquoise blue than green. While to my eye the colors still look oversaturated, they now look more realistic. This is a good reminder to calibrate my monitor more often.
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