WD2D and JandC Classic200 starting times

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by tim o'brien, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Ok, I did the search, both internal and web-wide, looked at the JandC
    and Photographer's Formulary as well as the Digital Truth websites
    and no information so far...

    I shoot Classic200 @ 160 E.I. 120, 2x3, 3x4, and 4x5. My regular
    processing is Rodinal 1+50 12 minutes, 30 seconds initial, 5
    inversions every minute after. I get very nice results with this

    I went down to the local Photomat booth looking for HD PyroCat,
    seemed like what I wanted. They didn't have that but they had WD2D +
    Pyro-Metol developer. What the hey, It's 15 bucks and I am looking
    for something different.

    Anybody with an idea as to starting times? JandC recommends 14
    minutes for PMK Pyro. Is that where to start?

    tim in hot and sunny san jose
  2. I use WD2D+ 12 mins - 20C tray processing for my Bregger 200 (which is suppost to be pretty close to the J&C 200 - I just ordered some so I can tell you for sure in a few weeks). I just started using a HP Combi tank so I'll see how I need to adjust my times.
  3. Why beat around the bush, just ask John Wimberley himself. He can be reached by email at: tjwimberley@earthlink.net

    Let us know what he has to say,...
  4. OK, I will.


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