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  1. Hello I would like to pick your marketing brain about allow your wedding client share their images on social media while still maintaining your watermark/marketing.

    While I want the client to share the images online to enjoy with their family and friends, I want my name somewhere attached to the images shared. So far my only answer has been to apply a faint watermark across the image in the client gallery to which they could share some or all of the gallery. Some of the clients do not like the watermark across the image and would rather have a clean look.

    I am looking for help with this as I am just not sure what to do. Any comments/suggestions or what you have found to work would be great!

    Thank you,
  2. How about your business name in a VISIBLE color along the bottom of side of the photo.
    Granted, they could simply crop it off the image, if they wanted to steal the image.
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    Are you getting paid for these photos? If so, clients should get unwatermarked images. You can ask for credit.

    I don't see why anyone would want to pay for your advertising.
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  4. I don’t blame them.

    Interestingly, I often wonder why photographers don’t realize how unsightly their watermarks are and how much they detract from their photos. Why advertise by means of something that defaces one’s own work?

    I hope you find a better solution than a watermark.

    Best of luck.
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    If you want your watermark on their social media pics... then just ask them if that would be OK and offer a few free prints for doing it?
  6. raise your rates to a number that you will be happy with then give the clients unwatermarked images. This is a loosing battle even when you do add watermarking.
  7. I never watermark an image the client paid for. Free images always get watermarks, never paid ones.
  8. Seconding what Michael is saying, I never require a watermark. I do contractually require they provide a photo credit whenever electronic or print publishing occurs. That said, I always keep three things in mind:

    1) There is no real way to police that, and it's really not worth my time to do so.
    2) My business model does not base profit on print sales, so the stress of my photos being "out there" is reduced to almost nothing.
    3) Most importantly, I keep my clients happy so that I know they will refer me to others. Think about it: If someone sees a photograph online and wants to know who the photographer was, is there any reason your client would not give your name out?

    Now, that's on the CLIENT end of things. If you are sharing photographs with vendors (especially venues who are posting multiple gallery photographs from various photographers), a watermark is an important way to let the viewer know who took the photograph. You should absolutely insist on photo credit in this case, and ideally, a link to your web site to help with SEO.
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  9. it is very easy to create an action for a narrow mat around the image and Place your photo credit, name logo, phone or email, even file name.keep it simple, it doesn't take much to be too much.

  10. Thank you all for your helpful feedback! Perhaps over thinking it all, but needed some validation.

    a. You are 100% right about policing that, nor do I have time and frustration for doing so.
    b. The clients do receive either a download or flash drive without watermark anyway, so this is just another uphill battle!
    c. Word of mouth is great, but if at least my photo credit is given, then it is a click of the mouse advertising.

    Thanks again, I will keep the comments in mind!
  11. You can use Lightroom and mogrify. You can add frames and watermark very easy, all automatic.

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