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  1. I am fairly new with showing my work to people and I was wanting to put a watermark on my photos but wasnt sure of the best software to do so and what the watermark should say. Any and all opinions are much appreciated
  2. I think your best bet is to reduce your photos to a small size (internet friendly). Watermarks can be a deterrent, but not necessarily.

    If you insist on it you can install this:
    © 2015 Vanessa Gantt

  3. It's best to incorporate watermarks into an overall workflow tool. That way you don't need to create extra files in a separate watermarking program.
    Picasa is free, easy to use and offers pretty decent editing tools for JPEGs (it's weaker with raw files because it lacks good white balance and noise reduction tools), and simple watermarks.
    Among the paid workflow tools, Lightroom may be the most popular now. It includes the ability to watermark output using basic text or logos you create yourself. There are many tools for creating logos for watermarking, including some free and/or donor/share ware.
  4. Thank you!
  5. No special software needed. Just use
    photoshop or Lightroom -- whatever you are
    using to edit your photos already.
  6. Try the free batch processing software Phatch.
  7. As Craig says. Whatever software you are currently using to edit/post process should also be able to add watermarks.
  8. If you're using Photoshop you can check this tutorial out. https://blog.udemy.com/photoshop-watermark/
    It helped me out quite a bit.
  9. I think you can easily do this via Photoshop
  10. or you could use the same app that I use. So to say I am using an app for removing watermarks from video softorbits.com and to be honest, this app is doing this thing perfectly, but as I know there are many more other tools that probably will be able to help you solve your issue. I think this is really possible via this app because I was editing a photo a couple of weeks ago, so go on and take a look, I hope this app will help you, at least you will able to remove a watermark from a video for sure :)
  11. Lightroom will do it as well.
  12. X2 to what everyone already said. BTW I didn't know about Phatch, nice recommendation. In my case I've been placing the watermarks using Photoshop or XNview (free) because it can also resample images in smart ways.
    I've been involved on managing photos for articles, newspapers, etc. The reason why I mention this is because I've seen a lot of stuff and IT IS very important to resample your images to a suitable size as Les said, why? it is interesting how a lot of people can find pieces or segments of your work to be useful on their work and thus crop the images to remove the watermarks. Size can make that more difficult. The more you add to your picture the less pretty it looks but... it's useful to add a brand name and your personal name (I've seen cases where people say it's their picture because somehow they work or worked at "that place"), amazing what people can do to impersonate or take credit on your work.
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  14. FYI my modern Olympus m4/3 camera, which is several years old by now, has the ability to add name, copyright and other personal info into the EXIF data of every photo I take. If you have a modern camera, you might either check your manual or scroll around in the menus to see if it's possible to personalize your EXIF data imprint.

    I sometimes watermark my images however, and use a free app on my desktop (Mac) and phone, too. A watermark can say anything you want ti to say.I made up a couple names for different things, since I am not a professional photographer. I picked a font I like, use it consistently, and try to make the watermark plainly visible- but also not have it dominate the entire image. Here are 2 examples.

    I took a tiny look into actually securing a copyright on my name and internet moniker, but it seems complicated and possibly expensive- you might need a lawyer to pull it through, actually. BUT if you're a professional, it might be worthwhile?

    Best luck to you!


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  15. BTW, there is a specific form a copyright notice should, ideally, take on visual works

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