Watermark Software Scam?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by eightysevens, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. I recently purchased watermark software for photos for my upcoming website; the software demo worked, but the paid version didn't. I wrote an email to the company describing the problems I was having and they gave me a link to another version of their product. This however didn't work either. I have since emailed them twice and had no reply in ten days.
    The software: 'Batch Photo Watermarker' initially, and 'Batchmarker 3', the second version I was offered.
    Has anyone else experienced similar problems with this company?
    Thank you,
    P.s. A software recommendation would be helpful. I have Photoshop, but it is far too complicated; I just need to crop and watermark. Thanks.
  2. Don't mistake incompetence for malice...this review says the software's buggy and doesn't recommend it:
    The "company" is probably just some guy with an idea and not enough Windows programming knowledge to turn it into a good product.
  3. Thanks for your reply Peter.
    This may well be the case, but it's really no excuse for taking the money and running.
    It's only £23 but it has set me back 3 weeks and how many others have lost their cash too?
    He could at least respond or try to fix the problem, nevermind refunding the cash!!
  4. You can run a Photoshop action for free, because you already have PS. Actions can be found free on the web.

    Lightroom has an easy watermark feature on export of your images.
  5. Thanks for your reply Richard.
    I just installed Lightroom but couldn't find a watermark function in any of the export options. It looks like quite a complicated program mostly with features I have no use for.
  6. Spearhead

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    Lightroom is actually a very easy to use program (relative to Photoshop, for example) and watermarking is quite simple. I highly recommend Victoria Bamptom's book on LR, but to get started on watermarking, see this tutorial.
  7. Thanks Jeff.
    I have Lightroom 2.7 for PC, there seems to be no watermark facility with it.
  8. Spearhead

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    You can get an eval copy of LR3, I don't know what the upgrade costs now but it's not a lot. There is a way to do it with a plug-in (Mogrify) with LR before 3, but I haven't tried it.
  9. I think IrfanView allows you to watermark your images with text -- IrfanView is free and does entire batches at once if you prefer. It doe not use images to create watermarks.

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