Water and Clouds

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  1. Two more landscapes making use of water and cloud. Amazing how much drama a cloudy sky adds to a ho hum scene (composition). These of course were made using junky old cameras and lenses, worn out film holders, very little patience, and a bad attitude...
  2. Oops, guess I don't have the formatting figured out after all. Sorry. That image was shot the morning after the worst all night downpour I've experienced in the Sierra. The creeks rose about a foot and made fording some challenging.
    But it was sure a beautiful look around with all those low misty clouds hanging around.
  3. I think I've displayed the B&W film of this image before, but I applied a better scan to this color 4x5 slide and got a lot more out of the clouds. I got my Silverfast working again and read up on it and it actually works if you read the instructions ! This is part of a big winter storm system that was moving over the Sierra Crest in the Bishop area. The Owens River is a very popular fly fishing area and some folks like to use drift dories and such. Also supplies those magic water faucets 300 miles away in Los Angeles where I am currently sitting writing...
  4. Terrific, as always. Really beautiful work.
  5. You have to put in a caption to get the pictures to display in-line. Also I had to open it in GraphicsConverter on the Mac, so you need to make sure it is a jpeg file with the suffix.
    What is the camera(s)?
  6. Thanks,
    I do place captions for my images. I am absolutely new to Mac. First time I have used one is the one I now own. I thought I had it when I re-sized for 700 pixels wide. It worked nicely the first time. But I think what I am having trouble with is saving, where and how to save etc... I got the scanning down a lot better after reading a bunch last couple nights. But I can't move and store photos like I did on the PC and I had a sizing for web easier than easy set up on that.
    Anyway, I didn't intend this to be a computer discussion. And I intend to see what's on the site here about downloading images.
    Cameras are Crown Graphic 23 and Crown Graphic 45. Top film is Superia print, and scanned from a machine proof.
    Owens is obviously Provia and scanned film.
  7. I like the Owens River photo, well balanced between sky, land, and three phases of water. I see a few places to cast a hook and line into the river.
  8. Uno mas...
  9. Thanks for the email JDM. I used my original scan of 2400dpi, resized arbitrarily the way I used using 700 pixels wide, and then made sure the save name had the .jpg suffix, which is what I did the first time it worked a couple days a go. I'll try the Upper Basin Image also as that is a good looking photograph that views better really big but lets see?
  10. Wonderful. I love the look of Provia on cloudy days.
  11. Beautiful shot of the Owens. I can almost taste the trout that is lurking there.
  12. VEry nice images.. I love your work in the West.. When's then book being published.. Western Images ..S.G. Adams!

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