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  1. 2011 Concours Week_Gooding & Co Auction Preview_9.jpg
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  2. 16 years old
    0002a Reloj TAG HEUER Año1990 Muñeco Trompetista Trompeta-Micro-NikkorP55.jpg Micro-Nikkor P 55
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  3. Watch on the Athens Royal Palace
    (King absent due to 22 April 1967 Military Coup d'Etat)
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  4. SCL


    See Below
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  5. SCL


    Ensign & CS crew members on watch on the signals bridge leaving port.
    Leica M4, 35mm Summaron 2.8, Plus-X Indypen9.jpg
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  6. c. 1865. One of the finest in the world when made.

  7. Hasselblad Xpan, Nikkor 35mm PC, Eastman 5222 at EI800.
    [​IMG]1777 by bc50099
  8. Very Dalinian, Gordon;)
  9. early watch in the MED Ensign Siegel AOG 52 web size standing watch as JOOD in MED .jpg

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