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  1. Does anyone know anything about the Washington School of Photography, located
    in Bethesda Md. (Washington D.C. area)? I'd like to know about its reputation,
    course quality, and any opinions that past students may have. Thank you.
  2. I was thinking about taking a couple of wedding courses there but never got around to it. They have a pretty good reputation in this area and they have a very wide selection of courses not thought anywhere else.

    I think they have a full program where you learn all aspects of Photography with a specialization. You can also take individual classes as well as individual classes inside the main program if the class is not full.

    The school also offers weekend work-shops such as shooting an entire wedding from start to finish. The thing about some(most) of their classes is that they are pretty short.

    If you are a professional and just need a review of the material that's fine, but for a beginner unless you are a wiz-kid I'm not sure. It usually takes 3 months for some things to sink in so for the money they are asking for an 8 or 12 hour class, you can spend it on a full credit semester(6 months) course at a local college which is what I did.

    I'm still plan to enroll in their 8 hour wedding course this summer.
  3. What local school are you reffering to and what all courses you took there which are equivalent to the certification at WSP.

  4. Northern Virginia Community College

  5. You also might want to look into these

    MICA - Very good facilities, but very expensive:

    CCA - Well known, artistically inclined, very expensive:

    Montgomery College: Very good and wont brake the bank !

  6. Washington School of Photography offers alot of classes that the local colleges don't teach. They offer many classes that lend towards the business aspect of photography as opposed to just taking a quality photo. The Professional Program is also geared towards giving you an outlet for the photography, unlike most AA/BA/MA programs which just show you how to photograph/print etc...

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