Was the 43/1.9 really hyped?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by ruslan, Oct 4, 2018.

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    If you are going to over-react to people's honest opinions about the 43mm LTD, then you best not read the thread!

    The 43mm is an expensive lens and I think at that sort of expenditure point you should expect less distortion and better wide open performance - especially when you look at say what a bog standard 50mm 1.8 Nikkor AIS can do (or the wonderful Pentax 50mm A 1.4).

    I have also used the 45mm Nikkor P 2.8 and can tell you that it has minimal distortion and at f4 has sweet spot for portraits, but it does not handle as well as the 43'.

    I am quite open and honest above about what is good and bad about the 43'. It was and still is a landscape lens IMHO but so can any lens be used as a landscape lens and more besides. Potential users can make up their own minds, but if reading people's opinions makes you unhappy about your outlay then that is a risk you should accept and keep your sarcasm to yourself.
  2. I just bought an used FA43 yesterday, (500 EUR in Finland) and here is a sample, I really like the bokeh it produces. IMGP8431_bokeh43.jpg
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  3. As for 43mm, I have seen samples on K-1 (pentaxforums website). The 43/1.9 is practically unusable for group formal shots until stopped down to 5.6. At 2.8 the border regions are just bad (at sharpness). Unusable for all lenght shots. Place the object (the face, flower) in the center stop down to 2.8 and it delivers.
  4. You are using the lens correctly then - keeping highlights out of the background because they produce ugly bokeh but I can tell you that the Pentax FA 50mm 1.4 can do exactly the same for a lot less outlay.
  5. Thank you for the picture nuff-said !
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  6. Bokeh sample FA 43mm f1.9 @ f1.9

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