Warm Tone Paper With Cream Base?

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  1. Can anyone suggest a warm-tone paper with a cream base, similar to the no longer available Maco WA Expo fiber paper? Beautiful.
  2. A Chlorquinol developer was supposed to give warm tones. Amidol for cold tones IIRC. When I tried those esoteric developers years ago, the difference was so subtle it wasn't worth the bother.

    What about a pyro developer? That ought to give warm tones in spades.

    As for the cream base - maybe dip the paper in cold tea? Mount it behind a pale amber gel? Coat the print with a diluted wood-stain varnish?
  3. I'm happy enough with the warm-tone papers I'm using. It's the cream base I'm after.
  4. Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm, 100% Cotton, "white ", actually a light color of straw.
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  5. - Isn't that just a plain paper, with no emulsion?
    I think the OP is looking for a sensitised (i.e. 'Bromide') photographic paper. Not something to stick in an inkjet printer.

    "Tone of the base materials:
    MACO expo
    Note: The dye used for the cream tinted base at MACO MULTIBROM WA is to some degree water soluble. Long washing times more than 30 minutes ma weaken the intensi of the cream tint."

    That would seem to indicate that it's a white paper that's been dyed. As such it should be easy to replicate by dyeing any other white-based paper.
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  6. just plain paper, 100% cotton. My defaut fine art paper with B&W landscapes.
  7. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    that sounds like our once much loved agfa record rapid fb.

    the illford mgv is about the closest ive found so far but no off whitr base
  8. I can't find MACO papers anywhere. Suggestions?
  9. Fomatone MG 542 II Chamois.
  10. Macodirect

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