warm but not overly intense color film?

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  1. I primarily use Fuji Reala, but would like to have a "warmer"
    alternative to use for some occasions. I would want it to have
    equivalent sharpness, and not be "over the top" in saturation like
    some of the Kodak slide films (such as ESW100), and I wouldn't mind
    it it had a slightly "softer light" feel. I've used Konica Impressa
    50, but found that it is too cool and somehow a bit flat. Any
  2. Sorry, the headline should have specified color print film.
  3. I find Fuji films to be on the cool to neutral side but with strong colors. At least that is how I would describe Reala.

    For a warmer film, I like Supra. I've had rather good (likable to me) results on Frontier printing.

    Since it is no longer sold, you can try Portra 400 UC. It's supposed to be warmer, solves some of the issues with strong colors and Supra, and some people have had good results with Frontier printing. I have not personally had a chance to try this...it's just a matter of finding time to go to the store and pick up some rolls. Others have reported that they like it alot. Do a search here for Portra 400 UC for more info.
  4. Fuji NPS 160 @ 125 is warmer if you want pink. Agfa Vista is
    warmer if you want orange. Vista 100/200/400 are similar but I prefer
    the 200 as a compromise between grain and speed. However Vista might
    be too high saturation, if that's what you mean by intense. For a
    low-contrast film, Agfa XPS 160 @ 125 is worth trying, although it
    isn't as warm as Vista. Sorry I have not tested new Optima yet,
    though on datasheets it looks like a professional version of Vista.
    With its strong blue response, I can see why you found Impresa too cool.
  5. You might find 400UC a little 'over the top' - I certainly don't like it's colour palette.

    My favourite film is 400VC, but that's in medium format. In 35mm you may find that
    it's not sharp enough compared to Reala.

    That said, I do have a portfolio of travel images shot variously on Reala and 400VC
    (35mm, printed to 10"x12" on Fuji and Kodak papers respectively). I think the whole
    thing hangs together pretty well.

    If you don't shoot portraits you might like 400UC, but to my eyes it has the cranky
    colours of an amateur film.
  6. Use Fuji Reala with an 81A filter.

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