Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by samuel_moskowitz, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Is there a digital back that would be compatible with a WardFlex Camera.
  2. You are joking, right?
    If not the answer is no.
  3. Not that you could buy off the shelf anyhow. I've seen people fit backs to TLR's before but it was a cludge at best.
  4. From wikipedia:
    Ward: a division, floor or room of a hospital set aside for a particular class or group of patients, for example a convalescent or psychiatric ward.​
    Wardflex - a camera for nuts?
  5. In your dreams.
  6. Use it as it was designed to be used!
  7. Yeah! Whata you know, the old Wardflex can bang out some pretty good pictures. 3 lens elements?

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