War photographer captures truth

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  1. http://dailybeacon.utk.edu/showarticle.php?articleid=51285

    "With 26 years of field experience, nationally recognized war photographer James
    Nachtwey, who spoke at the University of Tennessee on Tuesday evening, is still
    telling his story to anyone excited to listen."

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  2. Nachtwey is a genius, but the author of that article needs to, umm, study some history. Like I am pretty sure the US never nuked Vietnam...
  3. The quote was "Issues were brought closer to the present as he spoke calmly and quietly about the effects Agent Orange, the nuclear weapon used by U.S. soldiers, had on present generations of Vietnamese people as well as on U.S. troops exposed to the chemical."

    Yes, I am fairly certain that Agent Orange was a defoliant, a chemical agent, and not a nuclear weapon. Good catch, I glossed right over that bit!

    "Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" - 'Bluto' Blutarski, from the movie "Animal House."
  4. Nachtwey: I have few favorite photographers. But he is one of them.
  5. With regard to "Agent Orange": I lost 2 friends to its residual effects, cancers! Yes, the U.S. used it freely, and yes the residual chemical effects contaminated many people on all sides, for multiple generations. "Orange" was definitely not nuclear, but for many who loaded and sprayed it and for those sprayed on, it was a terrible, painful, longterm tragedy! Yes, the U.S. Army and Dow chemical initially went to great pains to deny and cover up. Thanks to all for listening, pondering, remembering. It's obvious to me that many never learned from the Viet Nam war.
  6. Nachtwey is one of the most unusual people I have ever met. He is truly a person consumed
    by his art. Well, he doesn't consider it art, so I guess he is consumed by his work. Anyway his
    pictures are visually stunning and he is devoted to telling stories that other people are afraid
    to read... an amazing, unusual guy.

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