Wanted translator for German Classic Photo Magazine

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jan_jacobs|1, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. My friend Rudolf Hillebrand (publisher of the German collector's magazine Photo
    Deal) would be very interested to get in touch with someone able to translate
    from German to English for his international edition.

    Details: http://vintage-camera-online.com/blog/?p=40
  2. Would Ken Hansen be interested? He knows a lot about cameras.
  3. Pete,

    Perhaps I didn't press the confirm button last time. I am an native english speaker with 14 years in Germany. I read German OK! I know
    Photo Deal... having read one or more articles on-line
    I used Kadlubeks guide for many years...but gave mine
    away...was outdated anyway. Perhaps Herr Hillebrand could send me a sample article, we must live pretty close to one another.
    I also wonder if I have time for this .. how much work is involved?
    There are indeed other native Germans with remarkable english
    abilities like Beuh and Winfried on this forum!!

  4. My name is Peter Volker Schenk, and I am new to this forum. I am a native Bavarian and live now for 15 years in British Columbia. I am a business consultant. Just turned 65 and retiring from most business ventures focussing on photography - my goal is making Photo-Shows of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I logged into this forum because I have some questions about one of my Minolta XKs, detecting that there is no such Forum (Minolta) here. Why revival of my Minolta XK?? I detected that with my DSLRs I use 90% automatic settings, so your photographic skills are really degenerating! Anyway, if it goes easy with my other work and pays some bills I am interested, so please contact me! ...still do not know where to go with my XK question ;>}

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