Wanted: the youngest LEICA-photographer here

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  1. Inspired by the thread below >Film is saved, for now< it would
    interest me now if these LEICA-photographers/ fondlers are really as
    old as some overprejudiced persons around here think.

    Where are the youngest ones? Or the oldest? It is actually no problem
    getting old with a LEICA, IMO.

    Just give your age if you do not mind. I promise to figure out the
    average after some time. Allow me a quick guess: 45 years. LHSA
    members simply should not be mixed up with the serious LEICA-users!

    I?am far away of belonging to the youngest I must confess. I?am 58
    yrs. of age with close to 35 yrs. of interest in LEICA. And somehow
    still going strong ... My interest in LEICA I mean.

    (Please excuse, that we had a similar question about a year ago. But
    things change, perhaps modern LEICA-marketing works especially for
    the young)

    Best regards
  2. 36. Leica user for about 15 years
  3. 55 years, 44 of them with my own Leicas and before that some years of fondling and trying my fathers M3.
  4. 35. Using Leica for some 3 years now.
  5. 36, using leica since 6 months only (Nikon before)
  6. Very quick answers! Thx a lot and the average is 44 yrs. right now.

    Let us see how it goes.

    Best regards
  7. 57 2/3. M user only for the last 4 years. Nikon Fs and Nikonos II and III for the last 35 years.
  8. 37 years old.
  9. 29, start using a Leica M2 + Summitar 50 3 yrs ago..
  10. 34. Started using socially about 4 months ago, now it's a daily habit :>)
  11. 21 - I began using a Leica rangefinder camera in 2001
  12. >>>...perhaps modern LEICA-marketing works especially for the

    Young and rich perhaps. How many young photographers(even
    wealthy ones) would consider buying a body for over 2k, a
    90macro rf lens or a 50mm f1.4 for $2500? I suggest Leica
    workout a deal with kodak / fuji / ilford (to save their own asses)
    Maybe say anyone buying a new leica lens/body get 50% off
    films for a year from the date of purchase.
  13. Im 27, been using Leicas since i was about 23 or 24. Theres no turning back now....
  14. Leslie,

    you might be right, but you forgot about your AGE ??

    Be sure there is quite an inexpensive way to get into LEICA-photography. Just decide you do NOT need the very latest gear. Even E. P. allows the use of LEICA-lenses and -bodies made in the seventieth/ eighties (last century that is).

    It is still working fine and I very much prefer it to digital !

    Best regards
  15. What a relief! A younger than expected average age. Leica will be OK after all. ( I won't
    either help or hurt your average).
  16. luq


    29+ and only 1.5 months into the Leica system.
  17. 33 years old.
  18. 31. Been using Leica for about a year and a half: first compact,then SLR, now rangefinder.
  19. Nothing of that nature is proofed, really, because the question was put wrong by a nonsociologist.

    With the header we have above, only the younger users are activated, the other are ashamed, get a read head, and continue fondling.

    Sorry for the mess ...

    Best regards
  20. 59 and using Leicas for 6 months.
  21. I'm 40 and I've been a Leica user for 24 years.
  22. 31. in the system for a little over 2 years now.


  23. Is it allowed to take an M (plus a few lenses) into the grave with me, or do I have to sell them all first?
  24. I am 33. Been using Leica M's for 5 years or so. Not bad cameras ;-)
  25. 29 and just in to my second year of Leica ownership. Convert from a Canon SLR outfit.
  26. I'm 61 and got a LTM Canon IIs at 18, a Leica IIIC at 20 or 21. My first M was a brand new M4 when they first came out. My son Jonathan just turned 28 and has a CL with 40 and 90mm lenses, which he's had for several years.
  27. Karl, you've nailed. I'm 45. I started to use a Leica I Standard back in 1976 when I was 17.
  28. I'm 30. First Leica was a R6 a year ago.
  29. I'm 26. Bought my first M4 with a 50/1.4 when I was 18.
  30. 29, using leica for the past 5 years.
  31. 61 -- my first Leica a IIIG in 1968; latest a M5 six weeks ago! Have had besides, over the years, a M3, M2, M4, R5, IIIC, IIIF RD ST, and currently with my M5, a SL.
  32. Hi,

    Started using my father's Leica M3 w/50mm. Summarit when I was 15. I am now 49. I am still using this M3 plus M6, R3, R6.2 and R8.

    Best regards,
  33. 32, a user for 2 years now.
  34. I'm 26, and I have been an addict for a few months :)
  35. 42, been using a Leica M6 for a month now. I waited too long, but sure enjoying it now.
  36. 39 and Leica user for 4 years now.
  37. 34. using m6ttl/summicron35asph for nearly 1 year. previously used canon ae1, then t90.
  38. Most people cannot afford Leica's at a young age unless they get money from their parents. There are just too many other priorities. How many here who are in their 20's bought Leica's with their *own* money?
  39. 54 and have been using M's for 21 years.


    Frank M.
  40. 48 and a Leica user for 32 years.
  41. Forty years ago when I was getting started Leica cameras were where manual focus film SLRs are today. People were eager to get a Nikon F or a Pentax H3 (S3 outside the USA) or Canonflex and nobody wanted a five year old Leica IIIf. Even collectors, and they did exist, concentrated on esoterica like the 90mm f/2.2 Thambar or Leicas with no focal plane shutter; the 50mm Elmar had a Compur shutter. You could buy a perfectly functional III-A body in New York (or through mail order ads in the photo mags) for $29.50, a III-C would cost $36.50, and the recently discontinued III-f at $89.50. Used Leicavits? Twenty-five bucks! Another $89.50 would buy you a brand new 35/1.8 Nikkor and $12.50 for the better-than-Leitz 35mm bright line finder. Nikon dumped all their LTM lenses for CHEAP!

    Now it's film SLRs turn, but Leicas essentially have no competion. Pros NEVER completely abandoned having a nice quiet body for using fast wide angles in low light. Prices might dip a bit or level off for awhile but I don't forsee a major crash. Like the stock pickers say on CNBC: "Buy on the dips".
  42. vic,

    i purchased leica/nikon with my own money. when i was 16, i purhcased a martin herring bone dreadnaught acoustic guitar. not cheap.

    on the other hand, i did not own a car nor did i wear designer clothes. priorities you said, right?
  43. I'm 46 now. I bought my first Leica in 1989 at the age of 31.
  44. Just turned 30. Bought my first Leica when I was 24.
  45. I'm 56 years old and have been using Leica cameras and lenses for over 35 years.
  46. Got my Bessa R when I was 19 and the M3 when I was 20.
  47. I'm 521/2 and got my first M3 last Sept. Olympuses before, mainly OM4s.
  48. 36 years old, shooting M6 classic for a year or so.
    It took a Leica for me to go back to 35mm, been shooting medium and large format for three years.
  49. 24. (and bought with my own money, thank you very much)
  50. 81 - - and started with a IIIc in 1945.
  51. 49. 1 year with M4P, 1 with M6TTL, 2 with M7.
  52. 46. Started using my Dad's M3 (when he allowed me to actually touch it) when I was 11 or so. He gave it to me when I was 19. It was a very early model, double-stroke with the "old" speeds and a 50mm Sunnarit 1.5. I subsequently traded that camera and lens (plus some cash) for a 1959 M3 with a dual-range Summicron, single stroke, which I've had ever since. Of course, one Leica is never enough, so I also bought a used M4 in nice shape, along with a few more lenses (35 Summicron, 35 Summaron RF, 135 Hektor, 90 Elmarit-M). It's a pleasant addiction that my wife has given up trying to understand. :)
  53. I am 31. I started using leica gear almost 2 years ago. Jordi
  54. 36. M7 two years ago. R8 +CM currently.
  55. I'm 37; been using Leicas for the past seven years. Started with a IIIF (red
    dial), and switched to an M6ttl this March.
  56. 24. Bought M6/35cron asph when I was 22. I earned every penny
    of it working as an IT project manager 10+ hours a day and
    doing contract work on the side. Also bought an entire Nikon kit.

    Retired after two years, now I am a photographer for a medium
    daily paper in the midwest, hoping to move to either New
    England or overseas to pursue my dreams of a career in
  57. 50. First Leica was an M4 purchased in 1983.
  58. 50, first and second Leica at 19 with my own money. Still using the first ones.
  59. I'll edge the average up a bit : 52. "Using" for only 3 years.
  60. AND bought with my own money !!
  61. 36. leica user since early 2002 (2 1/2 yrs).
  62. 34, Leica M user for 3 years, another former Canon user (both manual & auto focus). Joined the LHSA for the quarterly magazine, not for the annual meeting.
  63. 59. Leica M6 user for 2-3 years. Very fast learning curve because I originally started off 35 years ago with a Pentax Spotmatic, which I still have in perfect working condition. Tried and still occasionally use a Nikon N80 with its best prime lenses. But there is no other system that will allow me to take photographs with as high a quality as the Leica I have.
  64. 28. Bought a M6 Classic 2 years ago. Will keep it forever.
    Best regards
  65. Out of curiosity, I modeled the data points and here are the results so far.

    average age currently 39.9

    more interesting for me, average age that people started using is 28.5
  66. I bought my first two Leicas, a IIc and IIf with Summar 5.0cm and Elmar 3.5cm lenses, for
    the grand total of $99 when I was 14.

    Needless to say, that was a while ago.

  67. 35 now.

    Was using my grandfather's M3 since i was 23 or so, until it got stolen and i had to get my own.
  68. 52 now, 27 when I first started using an SL.
  69. bhk


    29. Leica since 1 year 3 months (M3 DS, 50 Summicron). Dreamt about Leica since I was
  70. 40. Shot with various borrowed M4's, M3's and M2's (in that order) since 1987. finally
    now shoot with my own M6 and IIIf.
  71. Here's a question that might shed some light on Leica's marketing strategy:

    *For the under 40 year olds only:* how old were you when you bought your first *new* Leica?
  72. 34 when I bought my first new from factory Leica.
  73. Self-made boy millionaire, trust-fund baby, or just a spendthrift?
  74. I guess he was naive enough to answer your question in good faith, so maybe
    he deserves the insults. But probably not . . .
  75. 35. I migrated from and EOS system 2 years ago. I purchased the M6 used. The 50lux I purchased new(grey).
  76. These are a lot of confessing LEICA-bugs for one day, great for statistics.

    Will come back here and count after, lets say +/- 3 days (= around Sunday). But we can be sure just now, we could handle some more George B.s without any problem to get into the reach of the LHSA-average ...

    Best regards
  77. Jay,

    Insurance replacement for my Grandfather's M3.

    Most people at work that are my age seem to be driving $20k + cars and paying a lot more on rent than I do. What's a Leica to a few months car payments? (even if i didn't have the insurance check).
  78. with the expection of a 35/2 ASPH from Dr. Yao in HK I have yet to buy any new Leica gear. why pay the huge premium when there are so many unused/mint ones around?
  79. 40. Bought my first Leica (a R6.2) when I was 34. Have been taking photographs since I
    was 16 (and used Nikons for twenty years from 18 to 38).
  80. I'm 49 now; I bought my first Leica, a used M3, when I was 22. (In 1978 there were no new M-Leicas to be seen; the one local dealer who had any stock was showing a Safari Green R3.)
  81. 23. Have only owned a Leica (M2) for 4 months, it took me a long time to find one for a decent price, which was from a pawn shop. And even then I hymned and hawed for a few months before buying it. Up until then my $30 Voigtlander Vitomatic 1 worked just fine, and had a built in meter!
  82. 44 now. Owned Leica M since 1999, and happy with it.
  83. 36...bought my first new M a little over a year ago. Spent fourteen years with Canon gear. Now I have three M bodies and seven M lenses, you could say I am hooked...
  84. 38. Owned Nikons since high school, mostly shooting with an FM-2 and a 28mm. Sold several old Nikons to acquire an 0-Series in 2001, so I don't know if you count me or not. Still got some Nikon stuff for times when I want to look through an actual viewfinder and focus and stuff.
  85. 42. got my first leica 6 or 7 years ago. ( an M3)
  86. Bart, I was just yanking your chain, glad you're not one of the humorless PMSing "artistes" that skulk around here. I'm happy there are a few people with more than a decade of ambulatory health ahead of them that are buying and using Leicas.
  87. I'm a 36 year old cheapskate engineer - I've got the Summicron-C, and have been fooling around with RF's for a little over a year and watching for a good deal on a used Leica body. But having just picked up a Mamiya M6 w/lens for $800, I kind of doubt that any Leica body is going to be considered "a good deal" to me anymore.
  88. no leica gear to speak of, bang to buck i've found my bessa r2 and 50 nokton to be pretty capable. and even that i traded a d100 to stephen gandy to acquire. i have 2 enlargers, one gifted, one inherited; one film scanner, traded for design services; one g5, provided by work; and an epson 2200, which i purchased with money from a wedding gig.

    i would like a user m2-m6 classic, but i am having a hard time justifying the expense.

    and i turn 30 tomorrow.
  89. I'm 34 and I use a Leica. I picked one up after years of SLR's and the sweet sound of that
    shutter hooked me and I have never been able to let it go.
  90. I had a chance to buy a new 50 Year M4 for $1000 and a used 1967 rebuilt Alfa Spider for $2000 from an employee of the family restaurant who was relocating to HK in 1977 (I was 17), but bought a new Datsun 280Z instead (the only new car I've ever bought).

    I bought a 50 'lux and M3 the year I got a "real" job in 1983. My Nikon gear got stolen out of storage, among other things (Black Paint M4, CL, Snap On tools) while I was working in Malaysia in 1993.
  91. 44. I didn't even hear of Leica until I was 37, which is when I bought my first, an M2 with collapsible Summicron off ebay.
  92. thats a canon dude, nice try
  93. nice leica scooter tho!
  94. 54. Started with Leica when I was 33. Gave it up for 5or6 years and came back three years ago.
  95. <<Andrew Nemeth , jul 06, 2004; 03:38 p.m.

    I am shocked. I expected someone so pedantic to be much older.

    <<Kevin Mendenhall , jul 06, 2004; 06:35 p.m.

    Ok, now I'm truly flabbergasted. I thought you were named for the glacier where they found you and thawed you out.
  96. C'mon, Grant! Since the caption cites a film, a camera and a
    lens that don't exist, and the strap says "EOS" in bold letters, I
    thought the joke would be obvious. I thought you New Yorkers
    were quicker on your feet than that.

    It's a Holga scooter, BTW. All plastic.
  97. Just when I'm about to give up on you, Jay, I'm reminded that you
    actually have a sense of humor....!
  98. 37. Not counting a Kodak Bantam Special I played around w/in '97, bought 1st non-point & shoot cameras (Kyocera Contax G2 + Zeiss Ikon Contessa & Contax IIa) in 2000; acquired 1st Leica (M2) about a year later.
  99. 48.Purchased my first M3 w/50mmElmar for $500.00CDN in 1979 after 3 weeks at sea
    commercial fishing.My second M3 w/50mmDR I purchased last year as it was a good
    deal.Going medium format this year with a Silvestri T-30,as wide angle photography in
    35mm format,to my eye,just doesn't cut it.
  100. I'd be honored to have an Alaskan glacier (Mendenhall) to be named after me. Good on ya Kevin.
  101. WM


    30 now, M7 at 29..............Leica M is like a bad, bad, drug.......it screws up your head.......but it's all good !

  102. 63. Spent my own money at age 26 for my used M2 ($150) and new 35/2 ($164.50) some 37 years ago in 1967. Did later get a new CLE though.
  103. turning 30 with a special M2 this year.
  104. 49, first Leica at 35. R5. Two M7's now.
  105. Bought my first Leica (a user M3) at 25, my first new Leica (M6 Classic) at 47, that was 12 years ago.....it's with me for life!
  106. I've had four Leicas at different times over the years, bought the first one thirty years ago.
  107. r s

    r s

    37. Old Leica M3 as of 3-4 weeks.
  108. 33, brand new MP + 35 cron user for 3 months. Sold almost all my Nikon gear.
  109. Jamie, you told me you are 25. What's up?
  110. Jamie:

    at the age of ???????????

    Best regards
  111. I'm 44 too. My two Leica M6TTLs were my birthday gifts on September last year.
  112. I am not 25! Turned 54 this year. :)
  113. 27, and a user for 3 yrs.
  114. 21 years old. bought it when i was 19 off you photo.net folks for
    a damn good price. everyone says a leica is expensive but when
    you get an m6 and a 35 f/2 aspherical for $1500 how can you go
    wrong. so i will make the arguement that you don't have to be
    rich to buy one just work for a little bit. a digital is much more
    money..... but film does add up.
  115. 62 (first Leica...M3...at 17).
  116. Age 51, been "Using" M cameras for 14 years. My son,age 13 has been using CL for 4 months. Best camera for street.
  117. To Mike Dixon: Those ladies they lie! You should know that by now.
  118. Now 44. Started at 15 with Minolta. First M6 at 38.
  119. Jamie, your pictures look too young to be taken by a 54 yr old..;)

    PS: nothing against the 50 yrolds..or 60..or 70s..
  120. 57. First used a LTM when I was 14 (my father's). My brother had it stolen some six years later and my father replaced it with a Canonet 19. He thought he had a much better camera. I got me another LTF (IIIf) in '99. M user since 2002.
  121. 32. Started using when I was 24 or 25, when I was given a stash of M gear by an elderly relative who wasn't going to use it anymore. I've since bought a few other lenses and another body or two. I work assisting, shooting, printing, consulting, and in photo equipment sales to pay for my habit (as well as rent and bills!) for myself.
  122. I'm 43, Leica M user since 1999.
  123. I am 42 and have used my M6ttl for lthe last 5 Years. Too bad couldnt afford one earlier. Regards...
  124. im 30. started shooting in 2000 with an FM2N. bought my M6 and 35ASPH in late 2001, while i was working in the IT field. fell in love with it as soon as i put one in my hands at the store. knew very little about leicas at the time, but bought one 2 weeks later anyway. bought M4P and a 50 in early 2002. then bought a 21. now i need an M4 to go with this 28 i just bought....
  125. 40 young years of age.
    Inherited the M2 (it's a 1956 model) with 90, 50 and 35 lens from my husbands grand-father about 10 years ago.
    Had to wait until I finished Uni to use it about three years ago.
  126. Here are a few results taken from the 94 answers above:

    We have gathered a cumulated age (from 94 contributions) of 3,880 years altogether. This leads to an average of 41.3 years!. Great result IMO.

    JAY asked a cute addition to the thread: How many here are under 40 years of age and when did they start to photograph with a LEICA?

    There were 54 contributors under 40 totalling to 1,733 years, resulting in an average of 32.1 yrs. Not too bad either. Actually the typical digital generation ...

    Don?t you think these results are quite decent for a totally outdated camerasystem like LEICA ??

    Will start a new thread with these figures in a day or two, to spread the info.

    Best regards and thx a lot for participating
  127. Just ran across this thread so I thought I would throw in my data as well. I'm 49 now, bought my first Leica, a DS M3 with 2.8 50mm Elmar lens for $300 in 1981 when I was 26. I have never bought new Leica equipment.
  128. I'm 28. bought my M6 last November.
  129. 47, and I bought my first Leica, a IIIC, two months ago for one dollar. Sent it off for a full body and lens CLA and I've been shooting it now for three weeks. Hoping to acquire an MP for my next Leica.
  130. It is now self-evident why those extraordinary women line up, automatically, outside Mike Dixon's studio...


    46, using M6 for 10+ years and every penny I spent was the bank's money.

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