Wanted 40mm Nikon DX macro lens

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ian|2, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I need a small Nikon DX macro lens for my travels. I see they have
    updated the 105mm is there any word on the 60mm improvement. It's
    just too darn big for my needs. A brilliant lens except for the fact
    it's a little long and a little broad across the beam, dumpy perhaps.
  2. Im sure Nikon will update the 60mm some time in the future. It will most like have AF-S and be somewhat lighter. But it will not be a DX lens. I dont think they will ever make a DX macro lens. Too many macro photographers still using film.

    As far as one with a smaller focal length. Why would you want anything smaller then a 60mm macro. The min focus distance on the 60mm is already at 8" to get 1:1, a 40mm would be less then 6" most likely. Hell up that close you will scare flowers away. LOL.

    Improvements to the 60mm that I would like to see are not only AF-S but also internal focusing. I have that the lens extends during focusing.
  3. jbq


    Kevin: Funny, I'd actually imagine that most macro photographers struggle with depth of field, and therefore happily jump to smaller formats.

    Also, with a DX format you don't need to go to 1:1 to fill the frame with an object that's 24mm high. 1:1.5 is enough, and that will give you some of your working distance back.

    Ian: have you tried using extension tubes on a 50/1.8?
  4. Find a 40mm f/4.5 Luminar (or 38mm f/2.8 Zuiko Macro in OM mount) and hack it for a Nikon mount with a focus barrel and all that.

    Or else, use diopters on the 50mm f/1.8 AF lens.
  5. Hi, dear friend. Actually, don't exhist a 40 mm macro for any APS-C Digital reflex, Nikon and others. If you want a similar focal lenght, you can mount an enlarger lens, as the Rodagon or Componon 40 mm f/ 4, by T2 ring, plus an adapter ring for mount the 39x1 enlarger lens on T2 adapter. Obviously, the focus and exposure are total manually, on Nikon DSLR, and the real focal lenght are 60 mm (due to 1,5x crop factor of the Nikon DX sensor). The Nikon AF D 60 mm f/ 2,8 Micro Nikkor, on the Nikon DX sensor, it's a real 90 mm f/ 2,8. This it's the better focal lenght for the macrophotography work.

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