Want to see some great lighting and photography?

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  1. Go see the movie "Birdman". The entire movie is brilliant or nearly so but the cinematograph, which doesn't call attention to itself unless
    you are looking for it, is inspired. The cinematographer is from Mexico City and for his previous movie, "Gravity", he won an Oscar. His
    name s Emmanuel Lubezki
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    Also his work on Children of Men and The New World. He does a huge amount of shooting with available light and minimal lens selection. Incredible DoP.
  3. it seemed like most of it was done in one loooong take w/ seamless camera motion/switching
  4. Here's an interview with one of the actors, Ed Norton, who talks about the long takes... no tricks, high pressure. Great cast.

  5. I saw it this past week and I agree the cinematography is gorgeously perplexing technically in color, mood and lighting and then some.
    What's not mentioned about the long takes is the explanation for how they pulled off Michael Keaton's psychokinetic and hovering sequences which come across so nonchalantly like it's nothing.
    In fact after the movie was over I had to stop and remind myself what I just saw because I overlooked it. And said to myself..."WAIT A MINUTE! How did those set pieces move by them self within one long take?!"
    That is what's so amazing about this movie. It has a residual after glow that stays in your head. It also illustrates very effectively and with detail just how hard it is to be a really good theatrical actor in how to inject spontaneity and humanity into a character.

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