Want to know how much should I sell my M6 for?

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  1. Regrettably having to sell my M6 0.58..and 28-35-50mm lens but haven't got a clue the value of them at all as I've never plan to sell them. Would be grateful for some advice please..
  2. Look at the bay completed items. FWIW I sold my EX+ M6 TTL .58 for $1450 but in '08
  3. $25. Is paypal OK? :D
    <P>Seriously, we need loads more information (ie condition, type, accessories et al)
    <P>There a few reference sites I used here in the US:
    <P>1. Eb@y of course.
    <P>2. KEH
    <P>3. antiquecameras-dot-net
    <P>4. Various dealers
  4. SCL


    In addition to looking up pricings at the sites mentioned above, other factors such the condition of your gear, whether it has been kept in a smoke free environment, and whether you are selling thru a dealer, or independently, on line or in person, all come into play.
  5. Thank you you guys..It's in very good condition, as good as new both lens and camera. The only thing is, I haven't got the box. :(
  6. Thank you you guys..It's in very good condition, as good as new both lens and camera. The only thing is, I haven't got the box. :(
  7. Box helps for collectors of the highest snob value, but I think is not a serious problem for user-collectors.
    Check eBay, it's really the only place to get truly current values. Look on the European as well as American eBays.
    eBay is sensitive to rapid fluctuations of the sort of caused by collapse of the Euro from the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) or an American default.
  8. When you do sell, sell the body and lenses separatelty Make sure the photos are plentiful and good. Describe the
    exact condition (every scratch and scrape) precisely, and any maintenance. If you're the original owner, that's a big
    plus, so be sure to say so. The more photos and words in your listing, the better.
  9. It occurs to me that it is not obvious to everyone that the values on eBay you need to check are not the prices ASKED, but the prices actually paid on items that sold (check completed listings on the search conditions).
    Many ask outrageous prices, and those items go unsold without a single bid, or with no bids meeting the "reserve".
  10. You will get the best price from Ken Hansen. Email him at khpny19@aol.com and he will give you a very good price...I know from experience..Robbie Bedell
  11. no dealer will ever give you the "best Price", as they have to resell the item at a good mark-up. Ebay is very good if you are careful, and know what you are doing, including following many of the above good suggestions.

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