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  1. Just picked up some 120 film from Walmart lab. note (film was NOT processed
    at Walmart, which reminds me of a joke...) It took about 2 weeks. I think
    the film goes to Kansas. The Black and White negs looked ok. They were cut
    into little segments (2 frames per segment) I'll make contact sheets tommorow
    if I feel like mixing chemicals.

    Also had some Velvia 100 processed. It looks pretty good from what I can tell
    from a quick glance. I have a roll from the local pro lab to compare to.

    In all, the three rolls were quite inexpensive. I may keep using them, but I
    get anxious waiting so long...also, I may venture into contact sheets or
    proofs next time with the negatives.
  2. Interesting. I wonder why they didn't send them to China for processing<g>.
  3. I'll make contact sheets tommorow if I feel like mixing chemicals.
    Just wondering but if you have the resources to make contact sheets why don't you process you own B&W film? I would think you could do a better job then "Walmart lab" (sic).
  4. You're right, I probably should develop black and white myself.
  5. Did they cut the Velvia into little segments as well?
  6. Haha, No the Velvia was left in rolls. As far as I can tell, there was no difference compared to the pro-lab in town 40 miles away.

    Ya know, the BW being cut like that wasn't bad. The actual film was in plastic as usual and placed in a envelope, and I stuffed them into a clear file. I did a contact sheet from the BW. It again looked fine. Just a few quick snaps from around the house. This was a test of the lab and a new Hasselblad I bought (had to make sure it worked). The Hasselblad is cool, all manual, no battery, settings can be changed quickly. Also it's small and light! I took a couple of rolls of slide film to the pro-lab and had it done the same day, well, you know how long Wal-Mart's took.

    I keep saying Wal-Mart, but it's not....I thought the film would be processed in a Fuji lab nearby, but after a few days I called the lab and they said it was sent somewhere else. Wal-Mart just takes it and mails it as a service, I guess. The BW 120 processing was $1.80 per roll.

    Someone here said it's sent to a prolab in Kansas. Hey, it works for me for now, BUT I just shoot for fun. It would not hurt me if they lost the film.
  7. The film goes to Dwaynes....

    I guess this link will work.
  8. I use Walmart like it was free. Well, honestly, it almost is- if you don't mind waiting two weeks. For anything I can't bear to lose/ruin/wait for I use a pro lab. Ditto for anything I need pushed, pulled or treated specially.

    Honestly, Walmart (Fuji Lab) does as good as the pro lab most of the time but there is too much handling involved by non photo-professionals to trust them for paying work or special stuff. I have no relationship with anyone in the process, so when things go wrong forget about anyone caring one iota to make it right. That's why I pay a pro lab for their pro work. I also send a good bit of snaps to them to keep them busy and keep our relationship open.

    I live in Tampa. Walmart used to send my film to Fuji in Orlando, but I understand that facility was closed. Now my film is sent to Fuji in Tifton, Georgia. Oddly enough, Tifton does not do Black and White, they send it to another lab, LOL. I still get it back in two weeks. Results on black and white film vary, but often are very good. At any rate the negatives are just fine since I'm going to scan them anyway. Ditto for slides. I would do my own black and white at home but for two bucks a roll I really don't sweat it. If I ever get serious about black and white I will, but until then...
  9. I'm curious if Wal-Mart would mount the slides for wall projection if you asked? I've got an old 6X6 projector which I'd like to fire up. Joanne
  10. I sent your question about mounting 120 slide film to Dwaynes in Kansas. The good people at the Wal-mart photo lab has no idea where the film ultimately goes. I am assuming it goes to Dwaynes, based on conversations on these photo forums.

    To send the film out via Wal-Mart, fill out the envelope with your usual info, and write your instructions in the special instructions box such as "120 film, E-6 dev only", or whatever you want them to do.

    Here is the address to Dwaynes.

    It's probably best just to ask them if they are the ones who service Wal-Mart - Fujifilm labs.
  11. for the DIYer:
  12. ***update***

    My new Fuji lab, Tifton Georgia, just called me on the phone because I rocked their world by putting "do not cut negs" on the envelope. She didn't know what it meant, but knew they don't offer that service.

    She also told me that they don't do E-6.

    Dammit. Fuji in Orlando was awesome. I think Tifton is 4 people and a Frontier.
  13. Wal-Mart E-6 or Kodachrome service has never let me down. Anything that goes to Tifton from here in metro Atlanta has been a disaster. I called their costomer service people once and was not impressed. They are a sad excuse for a lab. I don?t know where Wal-Mart sends their B&W. I sent in some HP5 I shot with an orange filter. The technician tried to lighten the prints up because he didn?t understand that I had used a contrast filter. The negatives scanned great so I just tossed the proofs. But like I said, the E-6 and K14 are good.
  14. Warren, I totally agree with you on the Tifton facility. I was on the phone with them today. I think they have a file on me labeled "very polite pain in the @##". I am as nice as I can be to them on the phone, but when they send my film back undeveloped because I wrote "do not cut negs" and didn't understand the request I had to laugh out loud.

    Where is Walmart sending your E-6? Orlando was a wonderful Fuji facility but Tifton is a waste of time even for $2 service. Now that they won't do my E-6 I guess it's back to the pro lab for me.

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