Wallaby Grass Seed Photos (New and Old Methods)

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  1. Whilst photographing wallaby grass seeds for the National Herbarium of Victoria. I felt like being creative with a couple of species for my own portfolio using new and old methods of photomacrography the first species was Rytidosperma monicola I took this with a reversed 36mm movie camera lens at f/5.6 on 13mm of extension with my canon 7d as a stack of 100 images. When turned upside down the stacked image reminded me of a new guinea man dressed in traditional costume.

    The other species Rytidosperma caespitosum I took with my 4x5inch view camera using a 121mm angulon lens at a marked aperture of f/45 on 570mm of bellows extension yielding a magnification of 3.7X on the film. I took both the dorsal and ventral views of the seed on different sheets of film. I then scanned and processed the negatives in photoshop.

    - The set up -

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