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  1. There used to be a Wall of Shame forum where photographers could post about their bad experiences with retail companies. I cannot find that forum anymore. Does anyone know what became of it? Thanks.

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  2. I remember what must have been a different "wall of shame" site- the one I dimly remember was aimed at bad-actor photographers such as examples of insensitive pictures, theft of images, and such like.

    People did used to post HERE on bad experiences with vendors and such like, but that seems to have disappeared in the present litigious environment.

  3. Other than you and William F. Buckley, no one in my reading has used the word litigious.
  4. Bill had a big influence on me, I admit, though we agreed on little but the necessity for making trouble. In my circle, we always thought that there was some ambiguity in his first book's title God and Man at Yale (1951), about which one Bill thought he was.

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  5. I've had bad experiences with Dell, having entirely to do with poor quality telephone responses both technically and due to the most extreme subcontinent accents I've ever found over the past twenty or so years.
  6. May say as much about your reading as anything else. A whole lot of reading I've done, whether around the Internet, in newspapers, or in various books, talk about what a litigious society we've become. It's a rather common word , one Buckley likely wouldn't have paid more than two cents for.

    In terms of Buckley's more expensive words ...

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  7. You and I are almost the same “photo.net age”, and yes; I remember the original Photo.net had a review sort-of-thing. I don’t know what became of it.
  8. Don’t remember this but glad it’s gone. Online shaming and bullying, no matter who it’s focused on, has helped warp society. Enough!

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