Walkabout lens for 10D ?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ian riches, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. What "walkabout" lens do you 10D owners use.
    I've had my 10D for almost a year now, and used it mainly with my ancient-but-good EF 28-70 f/3.5-4.5. I've done an analysis of all the shots I've bothered to print (i.e. the good ones!) over the last year, and for the 28-70 lens it breaks down at about:
    • 40% at the 28mm setting
    • 60% at focal length li>
      • 20% at 70mm
      • ..and therefore 20% at between 35mm and 69mm
      • I'm feeling the need for something a bit wider than the 28-70, to use as a general walkabout lens, as so many of my shots are right up against the bottom end of my current zoom. My constraints are:
        • Spend max UKP 500
        • Optical quality >= my 28-70
        • Possible to use a polariser with...my 28-70 makes this almost impossible!
        I also have a 35-135 f/4-5.6 USM for when I need something a bit longer and a 50mm f/1.8 for low-light.
        What would you get, and why?
        • 17-40? Blows all the budget and may be a bit short for a walkabout...
        • Tamrom 17-35? Cheaper than the "L", but even shorter at the long end...
        • Get a 17-85 IS and hack it to EF mount? Well...if I was less clumsy maybe.....
        • 24-85 USM? Not a whole lot wider...would I notice the difference?
        • Thanks!
  2. Have you considered adding a 20/2.8 prime?

    Happy shooting,
  3. What about hat new Sigma 17-70 f2.8?

    Not out yet but announced on dpreview a few weeks ago.

  4. My favourite lens on the 10D was an old manual focus 21mm f/2 lens (which is similar to a 30mm field-of-view on film cameras). I can see why you favour getting a zoom, but there is something refreshing about taking just one prime out with you - but you won't believe me if you've never tried it...
  5. Don't hack a $550 USD lens. . .

    And why restrict yourself to one lens? May as well have a P&S in that case. .. .

    Recommendation: 20-35/EF or 17-40/4L (you only live once)
  6. I use my Tamron 24-135 as a walk-around lens. It is sharp, compact, rock solid and has very little distortion. The extra reach of 135mm comes in handy at times. It balances well on my 10D.

    George Mazzetti
  7. I've owned the 10D for a while now and my biggest gripe is that my 20-35 lens is now equivalent to a 32mm on the wide front. Harrumph!

    Having said that, it really depends on what you shoot most of the time. More often than not, I have a 28-105 on it -- ideal for street work. Though, something with an equivalent focal length of 20mm or thereabouts would be ideal for some scenarios. One of the reasons why I'd probably look for a 5D in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Not to forget the additional pixel count.

    Would suggest you look at one of those wide lenses with a focal length of 10 or thereabouts. That will give you an effective focal length of 16... a wide view will really change the way you look at the world. Photographically at least.

    Neville Bulsara
    Travel and documentary photography
  8. jbq


    The 24-85 is noticably wider than the 28-70. For an even wider option I'd go for a 20-35, which covers 60% of the focal lengths you use. Combined with your 50/1.8 it's a nice two-lens option.

    Or you may simply want to consider a Sigma 18-50.
  9. I use the 17-40for my walkabout lens and it is great for me!
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I'm leaning towards 20-35 USM at the moment...here's why:
    • A lot cheaper than the 17-40. I don't need L build quality - and there's far more used 20-35's around. I like buying used kit - has always worked well for me.
    • A fast wide prime is on the shopping list for the future - but for walkabout (on vacation, with the family etc.), a zoom does it for me.
    • The Sigma alternatives are interesting....but I have had a bad experience with Sigma in the past. I'll need strong pursuasion to go that route again.
    Thanks again for all your help. Ian
  11. Ian - if you're interested in a used 20-35, email me (or check your email!).
  12. Why not get the 20-35 or something that won't overlap too much with the lens you already

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