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  1. "Dogs are so happy to see you with their wagging tails" Allen.

    "They certainly are a welcome sight in these uncertain times" Ludmilla

    Indeed, and you are a welcome sight on PN. Hey, even without the wagging tail thing;)
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  2. This explains a lot.
  3. No it doesn’t. I was lying
  4. Sam this photo has the feeling of a Todd Hido. I like the photo.
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  5. Thx. I hadn’t heard of Hido. Thx for the introduction.
  6. "Dogs are so happy to see you with their wagging tails" Allen.
    "They certainly are a welcome sight in these uncertain times" Ludmilla.

    Together watching the world go bye.
  7. when it was still possible - tailgating
    Canon VL2 35mm f/2.8
  8. I love his night photos. A little dodgy hanging out in Oakland neighborhoods late at night with a view camera :)
  9. My photo was taken at a motel out near Ocean Beach in SF. There was a No Words thread called Motel, so I went out with the intention of shooting the Art Deco neon sign in front. I did, but then was drawn into the courtyard by the still and quiet night, the style, colors, and light. After taking this shot, totally "focused" on the atmosphere and on taking the picture, I was walking out of the courtyard and passed a motel employee walking the grounds. That was the first time I thought about what it might have looked like to someone else when I was shooting at a motel room's lit window. We simply nodded to each other and I got into my car and came home, pleased with what I got.

    In this forum, we often discuss ethics, and that experience makes me smile at how differently I as a photographer may experience what I'm doing from how someone else might see it from the outside. Don't get me wrong, I see elements of voyeurism in both Hido's work and in my photo. But when judging the actions of a photographer, it's best to remind ourselves we're not them. And what may look "obvious" in a photo or to someone watching the photo being taken is sometimes a far cry, in some important ways, from what was actually going on for the photographer, even when there are strains of the kinds of visuals and emotions that bring ethical considerations to mind.
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  11. waterfront cottages- Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. each named for a flower

  12. whoa. cool photos from Mr Hido. one of the things I just love about photography is the number of photographers doing great work... that I never heard of. one of the great things about this forum is finding out about photographers from other members.


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