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  1. Just some street photography, and a few words, maybe.
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  2. P/NP...people?/no people?......

  3. Food left for those in need.
    Monterey 20f_Breakwater Cove Marina_2.jpg
  4. A twist, Sam.
    Cool place, Ludmilla, shame about the beach being closed. Dogs are so happy to see you with their wagging tails
    Sanford gone medieval plus a drain pipe.
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  5. The photo of the dog got me thinking of a tale a friend told me. He watched a YouTube vid of a dog being abandon by its owner.. He drove away, and the poor dog was trying to follow him, and keep up with his car. I doubt if he was kind to the dog, but the dog was still loyal.

    The cynical would say the dog was following its food bowl, however, I would think there's a lot more to a dogs loyalty than just the food bowl.

    What has this got to do with this post? Well, I like to think there is a degree of humanity in documentary/street photography.

  6. [​IMG]
    NYC • ©Brad Evans 2020

  7. They certainly are a welcome sight in these uncertain times
  8. Plastic Guru, is it you?

  9. One of the best reasons to post a photo.
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  10. I guess that depends on whether one is aware of the photo’s oddness.
  11. Well, if you're interested in the photographer's awareness of his photo's oddness, why not take a moment or two to tell him what you find odd about it. Otherwise, it comes across as a hollow put down, rather than a well-intentioned or informative comment.
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  12. Richard's posts over the years are often different from what is usual and expected for that they stand apart. Many are very compelling imo. I have never taken the time to say it. Now I am. I like your work Richard, if you care for elaboration I'd be happy to oblige.
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  13. I’m not. I’m only interested in my awareness
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  14. inoneeye : thank you...

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