w/nw When animals attack

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  1. This temple elephant had driven mad by constant bell ringing and the overpowering odour of incense. It had developed vampire-like tendencies and wanted to drain my body of its life giving fluids - just look at those fangs.
  2. Luckily my wife was close by and her serene persona seemed to calm the beast down.
    I think it was love at first sight. Good job I'm not the jealous type...
  3. Lovely!

    I beg to differ with your interpretation! Temple Elephants are quite used to Rice lunches in addition the sound of bells and incense.

    Could it have been the odours of your body oils? :)

    (I see that you have answered what I was wondering about with your second photo!)
  4. The trunk-on-the-head shot is swell; but the image of the elephant rearing is excellent!
  5. My father-in-law's dog goes by the name "kvik" - not easy to capture :) This is around a tenth of the original image taken from the top left of the neg. BTW, he was just playing around :) Cheers, Soeren
  6. A Karnatakan kissing-cow in pre-strike position. These can be quite savage if provoked, if they smell lipstick or chewing gum will attack without warning.
  7. I thought that this was "w/nw".
  8. It is w/nw. Feel free to use words or no words.
  9. Superb stuff, as usual, Monkey. The kissing cow looks particuarly fiendish.
  10. A Goan sand-heifer in its natural habitat. These are harmless, but like to lick sleeping people's backs.
  11. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    good to have you back Monkey.
    [​IMG] velvia, 300mm, F100
  12. My apologies, if it is too graphic to anyone.

    Great capture, Eric! I intend to go to the native habitat of the Bengal Tigers with that same lens, sometime this year.

    M.C.'s (I hesitate to use his web name) posts are a delight. I was wondering how useful the 15mm CV lens would be in India...
  13. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    That very lens should be arriving soon!
  14. Those cow shots look like they were made with a pocket digital, really wide and everything in focus from here to eternity. Is it ok to display photos not made with Leicas here? I wanted to display some of my shots but I haven't had anything developed from my Leicas yet and plus I don't own a good scanner, just a cheapo flatbed.
  15. Holy crap, is that first one with a 15mm? If so, then Monkey you are a brave man. Good to have you posting stuff again.
  16. Darryl those cows shots look like they were taken with Monkey's 15mm lens. Like any 15mm it will have enormous DOF which would explain what you observed.
  17. Monkey it was a pleasure to look through your website again.
  18. Maybe they look to you like they were taken with a 15mm but to me they look like they were taken with a cellphone camera. How do you tell the difference on the 'net? On another thread some guy displayed a picture made with a Hasselblad, so I guess it doesn't matter if it's a Leica or not. I've got tons of shots I made with my Minolta SRT-101 and my Nikon Coolpix 990, I'll have to display them now that I know it's ok.
  19. PS, is it ok to use a made-up name here? I figured when I registered and it asked for first and last names, it meant real ones. BTW I apologize if the guy's first name is really Monkey, he probably got into a lot of fights when he was a kid!
  20. When cats attack
  21. Darryl, you can call me Monkey. I really don't mind. <P> We're all friends here.
  22. Holy crap, is that first one with a 15mm?
    Yes it was.
    Not brave - just a bit stupid. I was beaten up a lot as a kid.
  23. Roger, who won?
  24. Darryl - I doubt I'm alone in saying that Monkey is a valued natural resource here on the Forum. His photos show depth of field, but also, and most importantly, considerable depth of feeling, good humor, and uncanny timing. I regard him as something of a (youthful) mentor here, though I've never met him.
    Of course anything posted by anyone here -- from the pros on down to rank amateurs like me -- is fair game for criticism. Monkey's photos are no exception. However, I believe it's a good idea if the criticism is friendly (even when blunt) and omits language classically associated with put-downs.
    As to your question about permitted gear, have a quick look at Rule 11 on this page.
  25. Hi Monkey, the ferret's pretty stupid, sniffs the cat, gets batted and then runs away. Victory for the cat!
  26. Well done, Michael!
  27. Rematch with cat #2 as ferret has a short memory
  28. Monkey - Great photos. The rearing elephant is really dramatic!

    Roger - I love the cat vs. ferret photos! I can imagine a series in production now on Comedy Central involving just such a scenario...

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