{W/NW}: Tourist in the city

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Processed these last night...from Hamilton, Bermuda.

    [​IMG] Looking for tourists?
  2. Nels, Love the 6.11 and the staircase 6.13 shots. Though I have nothing to offer, the first image makes me wonder if a better post processing could have rendered it better? The gray sky with the colorful hotel pool is surreal.
  3. Vivek, Not much post processing on any of these. The dark sky is an approaching strom just as I saw it (no color shifts anywhere), kinda like the pic of a lighthouse I posted earlier from the place. Thanks.
  4. Matt, where are these taken? And what are those things being cooked/fried in the first couple of shots? Must say they don't look very appetizing to me.
  5. You don't like Korean donuts?
  6. Wouldn't know them from Vietnamese donuts...or Chinese donuts for that matter.
  7. Matt - I like your new color stuff. Looks like good new things in your life. I'm happy for you.
  8. Nels, the pics were taken in various places in Seoul. The little fried things are hodok(sp?). They are actually pretty tasty. The dough is kind of like funnel cake, and they are filled with cinamon and sugar goo. People line up to get them.
  9. Nels - I got confused and left picture and note for you on your Feb 18th post of the lighthouse. Think I'll pass on the fried dough too. It must be an acquired taste but it looks hard on the arteries.
  10. I don't have nearly the same sweet tooth that I had till my early teens. Fried dough just doesn't sound as appealing to me.

    You ever had one of these Turkish coffees?

  11. Pass on the fried dough but I'll take 2 of the Turkish coffees.
  12. Heck, I'd take turkish coffee and the fried dough. Coffee here (S. Korea) is mostly instant. Turkish coffee would be like heaven. I've considered having unroasted beans shipped in, so that I could roast my own.
  13. Hi Nels -

    As always, great stuff and great eye. Thanks for sharing.

    Matt - I'm digging the Provia.

    I'll take a Turkish coffee, anytime. Don't mind the occassional fried sweet, as well.

  14. Thanks, Mark. Only wish I had some sun for better light in some of the shots...the colors would have come out looking better. Didn't have time to be picky, though.

  15. bda


    Pictures OF tourists in the city.



  16. Matt - I like your new color stuff.
    Me too.
  17. I always thought Matt's wife was B&W :)

    Yes Matt, do more colour.
  18. Matt that sequence is great. I may just run out and get some Provia. What scanner?
  19. Kent, Monkey and Trevor, thanks for the thoughts on the color stuff. I think I'll be shooting more of it for a while.

    Trevor, the scanner is just a cheap Minolta Scan Dual IV. It lacks digital ICE, which had always prevented me from shooting much color as dust clean up was just too time consuming. I've found that slide processing is much cleaner here in S. Korea than anything I was getting in the US, so color is more of an option again.
  20. Thanks Matt. I have a new Nikon Coolscan V with ICE4 and I can get Provia done a local pro lab (mounted or strip). The times are not too bad on scans with ICE but then I tend to scan individual shots rather than bulk/strip scanning.

    I am going to give Provia a go. I thought one had to use Velvia to get actual colours.

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